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Villager: Dalina


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ID: #150482

Name: Dalina

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: PookaWitch

Genus: Primordial Shifty

Species: Half-Dragon

Color: Faerie


House: Olde Foxbury House (1005/1005)

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Dalina's very special treasure!


Paintie by me
(I created this picture back in '12, and it's been taken and used many times online without my permission. So if this looks familiar... I'm the original artist.)

"Hooray, trees and berries and butterflies! Wait... dwarves don't usually like those do they? Never mind then, I don't like them either."
~ Dalina

Name: Dalina
Full Name: Dalina dal of Khaltar of Clan Stone Warden
Meaning: 'stout artist'
Nationality: Dwarvish and Khemetic

Birthday: February 3rd
Age: Adult
Gender: female
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Wild Mage
Deity: Sharindlar and Bastet

Build: VERY curvy, short and chubby

Parents: Gossamer Petalwing (faerie dragon mother) and Khaltar (dwarven father)
Siblings: (she has a sister, I can't remember her name. ^^; )
Status: dating
Boyfriend: Thanlin
Offspring: none

Personality: Dalina is a reluctant faerie. She has an interesting mixture of a stoic, honest, dependable dwarf and a chaotic, wild, playful faerie... and it conflicts poorly. When it comes down to it Dalina is a very loyal little half dragon with a love for history, tradition and nearly everything dwarvish, but she also is free-wheeling, careless and flighty. She tries hard to act more like her dwarven side but her faerie blood is too strong and keeps her acting in odd manners that she tries to stop when she notices herself 'going fey' and act more like a dwarf again.
She has worked hard to learn some traditional dwarvish female crafts, such as braiding, cooking and brewing, and hopes to someday find herself a decent dwarven husband. But finding a dwarf who can tolerate her chaotic faerie side and 'freakish' dragon cuteness is a feat in itself.

Her hammer is an artifact that destroys stone (and stone creatures). It's made for an average sized dwarf, so it's fairly large for Dalina.

Merits: Dalina is friendly, kind and playful. She tries hard to be helpful, sometimes trying 'too' hard. She's a very potent and powerful sorceress.

Flaws: She is far too chaotic, wild and unpredictable, even to herself. Her magic has a habit of going 'wrong' and causing problems.

Hobbies: baking, belly dancing, brewing (Egyptian beer)
Favourite Food: Pastries, especially fruit filled ones like tarts or pies


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      She is one of my faves of your characters! EEEEE lookie her! <3 <3 So adorable!

    • All those details are stunning

    • Absolutely GORGEOUSSS

    • EEEE!
      My favorite character of yours has an offical paintie!!!

      I love it, Pooka! <3 You did such a great and lovely job!

    • This isone omy all-time favorite characters of yours, Pooka! I am so glad to see you are bringing her here! ^-^

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