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User ID: #53429
Username: PookaWitch
Gender: Female
Last Online: 24 Jan 2022, 1:07 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:57 pm

Profile description

Feel free to call me Pooka - it's my RL nickname as well. I'm known as PookaWitch nearly everywhere online but used to be known as Pookabunny19 ages ago.

I'm RPG obsessed (tabletop) and my villagers are based after my RP characters from either tabletop or online RP (save for Pooka who is my fursona).

My husband is MrPooka

I'm one of the older people on FV. (age wise)

I make all of my own painties, and I'm not taking commissions right now, sorry.

Flight Rising

Villagers 20

Comments 100

    • Yes. I'm certain!<3 I have a pair for breeding. I'm not as good with the pet breeding as I ought to be. ^^;

    • *boops your nose and runs*


    • I traded for them, yeah. Its ok though--i appreciate you checking in--ty <3

    • <3

      Im hoping to breed a few decos and send them out. Hopefullythe rng behaves ^^'

    • Hi Pooka! ^-^
      I wanted to come on and say I just adore your Share the LOVE message!
      I do hope over the years we get to know one another more! You seem so super sweet and egnerous and we need more people like us in the world! I apologize for getting back to you so super late. :( I have been working a bunch of hours this summer. ^^;

      Don't be afraid to poke me on PI and say "get your bum on furvilla now!" ^^<33

    • Okie--dont be afraid to poke me if you need anything ^^

    • Thankyou <3

      Sent over some twilight mushrooms. Im pretty sure they are needed in one of the armor recipies ^^

    • Haha, thank you! So far they were all done by my friends so I don't have too many, since I know how busy their lives are and all that... At this rate I'll have more login paintie tickets than painties over time, haha! My dream would be to one day have all of my villagers with painties but we'll see XD

    • Some absolutely stunning painties.

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