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Username: Imoku
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:33 pm

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2585685_XSSguFTvncG3Pzy.gif imoku tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png maned wolf tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png demigirl tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png 30 tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png infp tumblr_inline_niinds1O2o1ry72eo.png uk

Hallo and welcome to Ghastfen Grove, my lil corner of DMM! I guess you're here because you want to know about me? ʕᵒᴥᵒ;ʔ

I'm a tattoo artist and body piercer living in the UK with my adorable pets and wonderful boyf. My pronouns are she/her. Please talk to me about Japan, animals, art, gaming, horror, tattoos and piercings. I like to think that I'm approachable so feel free to shoot me a message or friend request anytime! ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔノ ♡

Minipet wishlist:
5544-fairy-light-velvet-worm.png2743-soul-eater-worgon.png3703-well-loved-teddy-bear.png4857-wild-rodendrake.png 2110-teal-mantis.png
Massive thanks to Darling , steeldino , Enoch , Prince_Reshiram , @lance-c-bones, Hamichu , Nyxie , Satin
atilla , Crisucchi , Jackwolf5775 and anon fairies for their wonderful gifts! I'm eternally grateful! ;; ♡

Content warnings for the following villager pages:
Sarahbeth (blood), Lucius & Despair (small amounts of blood), Robyn & Freckles (candy gore, syringes), Morrigan (impalement, intestines).

Big Pixel: pedroinboxfort Plush: Sadrain Jars: Sukie CSS: alxq

toyhou.se (my babs!!)


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    • I could make you a copy if you'd like!

    • Aaa glad you like it! I made it myself. :)

    • Hello, I noticed you want to learn Japanese
      If it's not too presumptuous, I'd recommend starting with Genki 1, and then Genki 2

      The most important and first thing you should do, is memorize Kana - that's vital

    • Oh gosh, thank you luv! ;o; I totes could do something for that!

    • It's pretty easy, actually.

    • Thankyou for the shiny gift, Crow King! <3

    • *Cough*

      So, I was just casually reading your bio and saw, "Please talk to me about Japan,"...

      (✧ᵕ✧) <-- Pretty much me rn.
      ... I'm currently learning Japanese-

    • ghfjlkghflkjghfsdkjfshglsk thank you SO MUCH that means so much to me !!! TTwTT

    • I really only had the motivation that first year XD I did like 29 prompts and didn't get as far last year or the year before. The first year I did self portraits for all of them except like 2 I think? and some of them were seriously some of the best art I've ever done. Maybe not style-wise but with the ideas I did based on the prompts. I've still got them all up on my insta but you'd have to scroll back to like 2017 I think XD They were so fun though, I wish I felt that motivated for Inktober still, but I'm so busy with haunt work in October that it's just too much pressure XD and planning for a convention that happens in October too, LOL. Fall is my fav season but always SO busy for me.

    • oh that's so cool!!! i like little prompts like that, i loved inktober for that but tbh no other year has been as good as my first one!!! and HDGDDFS,, HONESTLY,, I'm a pretty solitary person so I just don't always know what to say to people or I'm too tired to reply when I read it, or I wanna think about what to say, and then I either forget or think it's wayyy too late... too many of my messages open with, "omg sorry for not responding sooner i-" XD

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