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User ID: #110732
Username: CheetahLover6
Gender: Female
Last Online: 15 May 2022, 9:53 pm
Registered: 31 Jan 2018, 7:49 pm

Profile description

Do I exist ? Great question

Please do not look at my cringey villagers I can't even remember how long ago that was but it was probably over a yr ago
Okay it might've been closer 2 yrs ago ??

Villagers 33

Comments 179

    • Did you want their items?

    • Thank you for the trade!

    • can i have one of those QP houses for a breeding potion plz?

    • *skitters in* i was going across old proflie comments from like a year ago, can i just say IM NOT ON MY OWN YET AHAHAH, XD, sorry im being a bit of a dork rn .-.

    • Arigato! <3 Thx for welcoming me ^^

    • Hello Frend! If I ever have more extra crystals I’ll send them your way!

    • 5000 fc for a new villager- i really need to get grinding XD

    • i dont know if youre able to reply to profile comments cause im new here but no im not a troll!!! my friend introduced me to furvilla (their user is angelcakes :)) if its my villagers names im just not that great at making up names so i do random names B) hope you have a great day!!!! stay safe and ty for the welcome message :)))

    • yeah I threw 121 pages of swords in there

    • Feelin' the big Kaminari vibes today. I only got like 3-4 hours of sleep, so functioning properly? What's that?

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