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User ID: #143961
Username: LuckyDragon
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Apr 2021, 11:53 am
Registered: 31 Jul 2019, 8:15 am

Profile description

Returning after a long break from Furvilla.

My name is Name is Lucky, and I'm super excited to meet ya'll!

Name: Lucky Midas Koi
Gender: Female
Species: Koa Dragon
Age: 17
Attraction: I'm Aro Ace (Sorry to anyone interested)

Hobbies: Sculpture, Writing, Dancing, Costume Making, Cosplay, 2D art, Baking, Reading, and a ton more.
Likes: Narwhals, Dragons, Bugs, Art, Furry stuff, Quiet corners, soft blankets, cheap hot chocolate (swiss miss), Rainbow sprinkles, Anime, Books, D&D, Fantasy, and video games (pokemon and minecraft are the best!), My pet Betta Fish named Happy.
Dislikes: Coffee, Oranges(the fruit not the color), Vinegar, Leprachauns, Thunderstorms, Glass floors, Crowded spaces, skin to skin contact I have Haphephobia, centipedes, toxic fandoms/art theft, adult scenes in movies.

Fandoms I actively enjoy:
Furry, Anime (BNHA,, Pokemon, Minecraft, Multiple youtuber fandoms, Cosplay fandoms, Transformers.

Fandoms I don't hate but I avoid because of bad experiences:
BATIM, FNAF, Steven universe, Undertale/Deltarune.

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    • Was visited by the food faerie, pretty cool!

    • Was visited by the Wishful thinking fairy, pretty neat!

    • You’re welcome! Super cool that you made that shop for people!.

    • Hey there! for filling the survey out you've received a Common Fican MYO + 1 Rare Trait!

    • you're welcome! I'll change my password as soon as you get your account.

    • Thanks for letting me use you’re toy house for a bit.

    • Your welcome!

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