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Username: Fenrier
Gender: Androgyne
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 6:47 pm

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hi, i'm fenrier. just a smol lonely goat dragon who spends too much time at this game.
i'm also obsessed with making stories out of my villagers. go check them out! i have stories for my villagers with painties.

i'm very forgetful, so please forgive me if i forget anything.

Fenrier said:
kinda active, but just mostly on the forums

dream pets:


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Welcome to Halcyon, A small settlement within Quetzal Palace!

The streets and houses are paved with elegance. Blue looks to be the most prominent color here, except for the lights which glow a relaxing shade of yellow.

The sky is littered with clouds, and what is unusual are houses on top of these clouds. The settlement seems to have low gravity around its proximity, which provides easy access to these houses in the sky. The houses gets more elegant the higher it is, with a huge castle at the very top.

The air is very breezy and the sky is often full of clouds. The settlement does not get much sunlight nor night sky, but the view is beautiful beyond the clouds.

Below the settlement is a large colorful forest that stretches across the land. This forest is allowed to grow with the great balance of rain and sun being below a large amount of clouds. The view is quite the sight provided you are not afraid of heights.

Rain happens quite often, though the clouds that gather enough water to rain seem to be the topmost and bottommost layer of clouds. The clouds in the middle has a strange property in them that only allows a balance of having enough water to sustain its cloud-like shape without turning into a raincloud.

Hope you enjoy your stay!


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Comments 87

    • you still smell like yams

    • thank u!

    • Your profile work is stunning!
      And it's always nice to see others with a passion for writing ^.£

    • TokiToki
      sorry i've been really busy lately ;-;

    • FEN.

    • You make some truly high quality items!

    • Hatty
      no problem! i like leaving nice comments <3
      ah also thank you too! i put a lot of effort into making my profile look pretty ;v;

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