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User ID: #27484
Username: Leggyre
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 3:44 pm

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Howdy! I'm Artie!
He/Him mostly but They/Them is fine too.
I'm a bit too shy to be known anywhere but I love Furvilla and play actively! Feel free to drop me a message if you want :-)
Most of my villagers aren't preexisting characters, I just like making designs on the fly whenever I have a new base to work with. Making painties is fun! I'm still learning to mimic kiwiggle's style, though. Will get there one day.

I like video game a lot. I wanna make some eventually; that'd be cool
I do the Art thing, it's fun. I'm also very baby at doing the programming thing.
You can find me as Leggyre basically anywhere.

-Every non-FD Minipet available
-Have all bunny variants available!
-Have all food-themed villagers available!
-Redraw old relined painties (Skippie, Azeitona, Weep and Bread)
-houses...................for the increasing collection...........

(All my painties were made by me! Thanks for the kind comments!)


Villagers 49

Comments 26

    • I love your avatar! Kirby is one of my favorite non-pokemon Nintendo characters.

    • thanks to your buys, i managed to get a paintie in the queue

    • Thanks so so much!!!

    • your painties are so lovely!! i love the colorful cartoonier style!

    • No problem. :) Just trying to help the prices in user stalls for everyone lol

    • Try not to undercut the price by 75 on Mini Sun Capsules. Because then more and more people keep undercutting by 75-100 at a time and it crashes the price for that item. Try just undercutting for 1-10 fc. That way you're still the selling for the cheapest but you're not causing the price of that item to spiral down into the floor again just to have it spike up afterwards,

    • You're super cool!


    • gray bun it is!! :D maybe i can even save up for a fluffy costume eventually too hehe

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