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Username: Gaara
Gender: Male
Last Online: 17 Apr 2021, 10:38 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:09 pm

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hello im jackson!!! jack for short!!
i'm a GnC trans dude (he/him), very gay, 21 and in love with this egg!!!

i slam dunk things into my stall sometimes usually stuff i'm tired of having in my inventory, please take a look because those items could be in Your inventory instead!!

About Me

- twittertumblrart tumblr -

★ (i/ENFP - Chaotic Good - Cancer Sun/Taurus Moon) ★
★ ⇢ likes: art, bright colors, guild wars 2, hinabn, naruto, pacific rim, coffee, guild wars 2, plants, stargazing, cooking, good vibes, nature, animals, music
★ ⇢ dislikes: being alone, taking naps, waking up after 10 AM, negativity
★ ⇢ sonas/species: red panda, taunki, aye-aye/lemur, kaiju, shark, tbh a gw2 asura even tho they're not rlly furries; i can never decide on one alone!

i love meeting people, talking, trying to help folks, and radiating good vibes! feel free to message me, send me comments, and ask me things! i accept all friend requests even if they're out of the blue, but i'd love if you talked to me and let me know why you were interested in becoming my friend! i also have anxiety myself and understand it so dw about social anxiety putting me off!

please note i can be very slow to reply due to sensory/information processing issues, and irl business! please be patient with me! i also hardly play this site lately



current wish/goal list: fluffy snuffle, chibi sticker snuffle, more snuffles rlly, master all TEP meds, painties for everyone, find pets i like (very casual collector), come up with more character ideas, make friends, build more houses and expand villager lineup, more costumes but idk which
pet wishlist: aurora burr/ping/ferret, blue chirp/doge/hydra/seal/hummingbird, demon manti, all kirin, forest bun, foxfire/silver/red kitsune, ice spirit/burr/ferret, multi hydra, all axolotl,, night hare, opal ray, orange chirp, all rainbow pets, technicolor serpent, red/moonlit wuff, ALL SHARKSICLES!!!


★ i do all my own painties unless otherwise specified in villager desc! i don't take commissions rn, sorry...
i did my own CSS please DON'T use it! if you have css questions or want to look at my code to see how i did stuff that's fine, but pls don't copy/re-use/frankenstein it!


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    • omg @ ur hinabn stamp i looovvved hinabn ;0; have u been reading the authors new webcomic Not Drunk Enough? i have the first book * w *)//!!! also naruto is great!!! gaara was one of my faves

    • thank you for the bell fairies! <3

    • Not a problem at all!! ^_^ I appreciate you doing that for me. :D And since it's so close now, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! :3

    • Oh thank you!! ^_^


      snuffle fan club

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Ahh yeah ;w; I absolutely adore him and am still really happy every day that I got to buy his design x3 Hands down he's one of my favorites.

    • :o i've never heard of these pages. I've seen all the doodle pages and stuff...would have LOVED to have seen more of Ples...he was so interesting...(and canon gay!!!) i also wanted to learn more about hanna, what his deal was...UGH that would be AMAZING if she revisited HINABN, but she's notorious for abandoning works and disappearing lmao

    • I don't think I've ever met another HINABN fan outside of my small circle of friends ;u; im so sad that tessa never finished it, I wanted to know what was going to happen!

    • nice name :0

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