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Username: VonSlaughter
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Last Online: 20 Feb 2019, 10:40 pm
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 12:26 am

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I love Homestuck/Hiveswap, anime, Tabletop RPGs and video games!

If you like any of those, feel free to send me a friend request!

I'm on FlightRising as Xathalian

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    • Tokoyami! :D <333

    • Love your Tokoyami icon!

    • I don't even watch WebDM, personally, but they're a cool group.

      Do you know of any cool, open-minded d&D communities, like with discords? Not to start a campaign, but to just chat and share ideas and love for the game.

      And... YES egg boi. I liked him after I finished trespasser, not so much before then. The dreads would have looked SO good on him. The Dreaded Dread Wolf, lol

    • I really love DMing, I like the planning and creativity I can put into it. I've only done oneshots for my BF and housemate, though. I have really bad social anxiety, so I can't muster up the courage to do it for people im not 100% comfortable with. You may actually know of my BF, he work for WebDM, currently.

      I have a lot of favorites in the other two games, Cass is my love in DA:I, but I also love all the other companions and advisors in it, except Sera... lol

    • We we're doing a weekly 5e game at my house, but a lot of things happened back to back and we haven't played in about a month... :( I'm going to bring it up to our DM (my boyfriend lol) right now actually... We might can get a session in tomorrow.

      Dragon Age is one of my all time favorite video game verses, only second to The Elder Scrolls series. Zevron is probably the only character I really like in Origins, though.

    • I came to your profile for the zev icon, smashed that add button for the D&Ds.... <.<

      also i didnt realize i had interacted with you before in the forums... lol

    • Well, I got them at Chapters, so probably. There are three volumes of Mega Man Megamix and three of Gigamix.

    • I’m pretty sure I have the Mega Man manga your avatar pic is from. I don’t ‘like’ Bass but I appreciate him as a character.

    • Did ya got the friend sim game???
      (It me, the Purrson who still haven't finished hiveswap)

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