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help me, friend

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    • Hey Mayo, I appreciate it. Sometimes things can get extremely hard, I have a lot of mental break downs..

    • Absolutely, and thank you so much!!

    • Ah yeah, I totally get you on the social anxiety thing. That's one of the things keeping me from actually DMing right now. I also have ridiculously high expectations for myself, so if I don't reach them I feel like I failed.

      I'm not too familiar with WebDM. But I've always wanted to check them out. I've heard of them of course.

      I like a lot of the characters, but one that fell flat for me was Solas. His original design was much more interesting, I feel like it would have been cool to go with that instead of...egg. lol

    • Oh! I hope things get better so you can play again! D&D is really fun, so long as you're in the mood for it. I DM a group of friends and my little brother, it's a bit of a chore but I like it.

      Zevran is def my favorite from all the games (I also like Dorian). But Alistair is also cool.

    • Ah! Thanks for the add! I love Zevran, and his face is so....nice. lol.
      Do you play D&D often?

    • You're welcome ! you can enjoy the FV is biggest return for me,have fun!

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