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Username: Lu
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:17 pm

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August 28: A lil house drama has been happening so I'm going to be extra sporadic for the next two or three days!

Hey I have really bad memory loss mixed with being easily exhausted with interaction, so feel free to ping me multiple times or message me repeatedly if I need to do something for you!

Hey there! I'm Lu from Canada! My skills include not sleeping, crying over fictional characters, and walking into easily avoided obstacles. I also forget about literally everything (oops).

Just a note - with my autism I sometimes word things bluntly or rudely, I really don't mean to! Please let me know if I say something that you feel is rude or offensive so I can apologize and fix it!

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    • Thank you so much for the comment on breezie! I love all your panties! ^-^

    • Ahh, thank you for the comment you left about my fursona Ally!
      I'm glad you like her colorsā™„
      Lovely page by the way, it's very pretty :3

    • I recommend a tape recorder if you can! I've recorded all of my lectures for one class because it's beneficial to me to be able to rewind and listen to what the professor has said more than once. Or even if you've got a cellphone with that capability, it would be super nice and useful!

    • That's sometimes me in lectures, gotta snap back and focus. It's really hard sometimes. Like, tomorrow and Wednesday I have these classes that are very captivating and I find super interesting and would love to give my full attention to, but the professor lectures in a way that is mostly rhetorical questions posed to the class and then goes on and on and it's so hard to focus! Need that mental discipline heh.

    • That sounds really interesting, and I will say, it's something that I've thought about myself. It's discouraging, for sure.

    • That is a good tidbit, thank you! I will stay positive.

      So what's happening with you?

    • Midterms... and a speech.
      Amongst other things! But it's all good, I've been studying so hopefully I am prepared.

    • I'm alright, stressed, overwhelmed, but hopefully after this week I'll be much better!

    • Hellooo, how are you?

    • i'm honored to have astrid visit me, and i really enjoy their visit so far! <3

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