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User ID: #61428
Username: S_Heart
Gender: Female
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 9:29 pm

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I'm just a Dutchie lover and am the owner of Sweetheart, Keychain, and Hero the Dutch Angel Dragons.
If you want to commission me I am open for commissions! ~

Here is the Topic with my prices and what not:
Linoace Projects Arts!~

If you are interested in my closed species then you can got to the topic linked down below and maybe give me some requests or themes you would like to see in the species!~

I hope to have adoptables of the Cottagonies up soon.

If you want to friend me I would be honored to be your friend so go ahead and leave me a friend request or a message to let me know you want to be friends!

Also if there is something you see in my stalls that you would like to buy but doesn't have a price go ahead and try to haggle it. It is for sale but I just don't know what I want for it.

Please enjoy your day!!

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    • You're welcome ^.^

    • You are absolutely welcome -^_^-and thank you for the thank you even if not necessary Its nice to hear it once and a while. I hope it helps you get things you really want and good luck getting future FD drops -^_^-

    • You're welcome! I agree with you there, it's definitely been a little spammy, hopefully people'll take the FC now. By the way, I love your painties! Especially Suture, they have a wonderful eerie design to them ^^

    • Thank you!

    • Your welcome! I'm surprised she doesn't have more comments.

    • do you draw robots
      looks at own furdollar balance

    • You're very welcome; they're lovely! I couldn't believe they didn't have comments already!? The paintie is really well-done <3


    • Thanks for purchasing! :D

    • And even better it worked!

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