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Username: Revel
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Dec 2020, 3:41 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 3:57 pm

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Name: Becky/Becca/Bek

Age: 34

About: I live in England, single mum to two kids, adopted mum to a number of furry, non furry, feathery and scaly kids, lol.

I'm fairly chill most of the time but I don't handle sudden change very well due to some mental health issues. My physical health isn't great but I get by. Currently recovering from spinal surgery to fix two prolapsed discs.

I don't mind at all being politely approached and asked about things, most things I'm very happy to talk about. I can't stand rudeness or bullying. I like to try and be helpful where I can. I'm dyslexic so typos happen.....often

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    • <3 Another pet bomb incomming ^^

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Noticed your confusion in chat about the FD pets. They become unbreedable after a month passes so, eg: the new FD pet is the Thundercat. You can breed it this whole month but once June 1st comes, they will become sterile.

    • That's Okay boo, not your fault, Mine for not concetrating D:
      I have 2 left, might save up for another egg

    • I doubt anyone will want it really, I might just wait till after the event and sell it?

    • I bought 2 Magic Cloudy Owl Plush By accident D:
      Not even the most exciting one D:

    • XD Snek would make for some AMAZING painties~
      I'l probably end up just putting them all in my toybox!

    • I love the snek, I think I wanna use the carnival snek~

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