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User ID: #114234
Username: Brittdub
Last Online: 23 Oct 2019, 5:24 pm
Registered: 19 Apr 2018, 2:10 pm

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ON HIATUS FROM FURVILLA... i am kinda bored of it... will probably come back in lik forever lolz

Two words 'No Refunds' lolz Jk.... i just being Marcus.... i can not be Marcus... if you do not like art you get i would probably wimp out and pay you back...

Hello everyone who is on my profile for some reason! I hope you are having a good day or night. My name is Brittdub I am a animal lover who found this game though a friend and decided to attempt to play it.. I will probably be forever calling myself a newbie XD.
Anyways thank you for dropping in, if you are an anon THANK YOU boof booof

- buy a Primordial shifty potion -Have 417 FD - Need 333

FINISHED GOALS (this is here to make me feel better OwO)
-Getting a magic soup sticker
-Get supplied to make a plant food potion
-get a paintie ticket

(fun fact i like skellies more than i like animals... thats why i need a primordial shifty)

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    • apologies for such an incredibly long wait. I thought I had finished my last batch of Get What You Pay For commissions, but I had actually forgot to finish two of them

      Here's yours! sorry about that


    • Britt..... since it got rejected... i bought a shifty potion... Could you draw a cute chibi corino i could use as a paintie....

      I will give you more boots.... and you need a plant seeds right...

    • FoxyCipher ooof i figured that out after a while q.q i thought that may ne one of the things that would just have him laughin at you

    • To get the Soup Quacker, there should be an Exploration event that shows a picture of your village overrun with soup. Click the option that says "Pick a random shop", and when the character asks who loves soup most, pick the option that reads "a cheese cracker". Boom, instant Soup Quacker!

    • Ahhh that was a lot of food.. i added something esle to the trade as a gift!

    • in the middle of the last battle every fire alarm in my house went off for no reason xD didn’t mean to leave you sitting there!

    • Warriors are pretty easy to level up. Most of the gear you need below level 15 are easy enough to get or craft. Once you find a build that works well for you on events you can farm better event drop weapon and make improvements on your build over time.

    • Awe thank you for the little cutie!

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