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User ID: #119190
Username: RoseGem
Gender: Plague :) (They/Him)
Last Online: 13 Jul 2020, 4:21 pm
Registered: 16 Aug 2018, 3:33 pm

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WASH *clap* YOUR *clap* FUCKING *clap* H A N D S
- This PSA has been brought to you by your local pissy plague demon (Garnet)


Pixel by me
FurVilla's resident plague doctor

Tae ⍟ They/Him ⍟ Pan ⍟ Taken

Greetings and salutations! My name is Taelyn, though you may refer to me as Tae, Garnet, or Rose. Im trans genderfluid and usually prefer nb or masculine pronouns, though any generic pronoun (They/he/she/it) is applicable. Im an artist and cosplayer from southern MI who specializes in all things abnormal and creepy. I absolutely adore the 17th century and everything about it (well maybe not everything). Most notably plague doctors. I also enjoy things like Hazbin Hotel and Beetlejuice..and honestly anything demon related. So if you ever wish to talk about those things you absolutely may send me a DM here, or for a
quicker response over on Discord! (@Dr.Garnet#1259). I wish you all a lovely day/night!

Cursed shit is my passion :)))

WARNING: I've got a bit of a mouth on me- so if you don't like excessive use of the word fuck I recommend you block me and continue with your day.

I'm kind of falling out of this site and the furry fandom, so I may not be as active as I used to be, but I'll still try to come on a few times a day for checking in and bumping threads.

Also Alduinsecretfire is awesome, go u h h, say something nice to her, please <3

Some of my other friends you should talk to!


(I don't have many friends...)

What's a life and where can I get one?
No seriously-

"Potato is not an option." - Garnet

Other places you can find me!

Discord - Dr.Garnet#1259
Toyhou.se - RoseGem
Reddit - Aqua-Dragon
Instagram - PlagueDocGarnet
YouTube - RoseGem
FlightRising - Rosegem Semi-Active
Dragon Cave RoseGem Semi-Active
DeviantArt - DrGarnet (Dr.Garnet) Semi-Active


Don't hurt me..but, Hazbin Hotel (Alastor is b o i, Change my fuckin mind)

Plague Doctors :))))




Baldi's Basics


Plush making (Im shit at it, but I enjoy it)

Sally face



Wings of Fire

Pokemon (Spritzee is bby ohmygod-)


Untold Stories of the E.R (and other medical related things)

Memes (Feel free to comment some)

The Maze Runner

Not a mod or helper but still here to help!

If you need someone to lend an ear, you absolutely may send me a DM, I would love to listen and try to help!

Feel free to message me or send a friend request!
I don't bite :) (Or maybe I do)


[i]Art of Garnet :)))/i] , if you'd like to grant this, Dm me and I'll get you a link





Y'know I may be permanently moving to DMM-

Notes to self for art bc I have the memory of a goldfish
Waiting on:
AcerbicDream PWYW (188k FC) x 1 (of Garnet) (could be anything)

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      hI huNgrY iM dAaAd

      why did you make me this way

    • die potato dIE


      oH bOy wHaT fLavOr!?

    • Hi, sPINEL SAYS POTATO IS AN OPTION (Im sorry Garnet ok)

    • ohh the maze runner!! im about to watch it for the 5th time today and ur villigers are super cute

    • Aaa you're welcome! I'm just happy you like it! :D

    • Cool! :D
      And don't worry, I won't give you away. :P

    • Hey, you like beetlejuice too woah :0 Top 3 in my favorite musicals!
      Also thank you! ^^ (If that thanks is random sorry! I just have a feeling :') )

    • *Looks at your sig in the forums* pOTATO IS VERY MUCH AN OPTION, GARNET

    • <3

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