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User ID: #88069
Username: DizzieBirdie
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Jul 2022, 9:09 am
Registered: 19 Feb 2017, 9:20 pm

Profile description

My tumblr is DizzieBirdie.tumblr.com and its where i dump my drawings usually.

Please dont send friend requests
My favorite topics : cartoons, d&d, 90’s /2000s Nostalgia, pokemon, minecraft. I am technically an adult. Yes

This Toasty.
Smol and full of happy.
Grammar is kind of bad, but ye, that's ok.
Good at awkward hugs and making paper cranes out of gum wrappers.

art by Whimsy(18+)

Animal wishlist

407-autumn-catbat.png ~1544-silver-vampbird.png ~ 431-spooky-wabbit.png ~ 411-smiling-kritty.png ~

4760-frutti-sno-sheep.png ~ 5940-toasted-custard-kitssant.png ~5608-dessert-waffle-tail.png

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Comments 40

    • *appears* Greetings, fellow bird person! I like your art. *disappears*

    • You're so welcome ^,^

    • Thank you for all your purchases, you're so nice!

    • Thank you! I got the css code from snowflakeartist.
      Thank so much for the tips! I I have at least two or three origami kits but I didn't know about the thin paper and the YouTube channel. I'll look into the channel soon.

    • I love your fursona, Toasty! She's ADORABLE ♡.♡ I also LOVE coffee and I've been practicing makihg origami too. Do you have have tips for making paper cranes?

    • That pun for your paintie entry is just fantastic :D

    • your chicken sand witch entry is incredible!! i love it!

    • Thank you for visiting my stall ^_^

    • Agreed :3 ESPECIALLY the minecraft ones !!

    • Hey Dizzie, I sent you a message a little while ago. Did it not get to you?

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