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Villager: Koru



Villager Info

ID: #40299

Name: Koru

Gender: Agender

Location: Oceandome

Born 6 years, 3 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: DizzieBirdie

Feast Points: 0 (6378 All-Time)

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Palomino

Costume: Angelic


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/64)

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Approved: 1 Mar 2018, 2:48 am

Likes: 82 ♥

Tags: doctor dutch angel dragon sunglasses dizziebirdie

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Koru looks stunning!

Koru's very special treasures!


paintie art by me character by hgrising)

Genders are for those that get illnesses || He/Him || Asexual

You managed to hurt yourself again? Gosh, you're pathetic.
Well, if you can't afford your medication, Astra Zeneca may be able to help cheer you up.


It is said that in the beginning, there were the Gods.
Then, one of the gods sneezed.
Koru was there with a box of tissues.

Koru Fast Facts 100% True Not Made Up

  • Drives a motorcycle between exam rooms at his clinic
  • Once fixed a patient's broken leg by walking in and dabbing
  • Regularly cures patients in the waiting room by aggressively playing the saxophone
  • Is the coolest doctor
  • He doesn't write prescriptions - The pharmacy just knows
  • Continues to kick the door to the waiting room open, despite his staff asking him not to
  • Flames are painted on all of the exterior walls of his clinic to "make it go faster"
  • Got tired of getting emergency calls all the time from Archduke "Duke" Basilisk so now he just lives here. Appointments still must be called in, however.
  • Koru is comprised of 30% fur, 12% doctoral degrees, and 56% dark matter
  • Don't ask about the other 2% - It technically doesn't reside in this dimension
  • The "M" in "M.D." in his title does not stand for "Medical". Koru is actually a "Magic Doctor".

(Art by Dizzie) [/list]

(Art by Starcana)


Comments 5

    • Your Intelligence stat is HIGH, dang

    • A random raptor pops up out of nowhere, spinning dizzily around the clinic. "Whoo! How did I get here?! I never know nowadays!" She spots Koru and stops moving, then abruptly grins and shouts, "Hi! I really like your outfit! Those sunglasses are cool!" Then she vanishes as quickly as she came.

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