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Villager: Archduke Basilisk



Villager Info

ID: #224634

Name: Archduke Basilisk

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 3 years, 5 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: DizzieBirdie

Species: Gembound

Color: Opal

Costume: Royal


House: FurCash House

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Archduke Basilisk is infected with Vampirism. Symptoms include craving blood, sensitivity to sunlight, an allergy to garlic, and changing into a bat after especially forceful sneezes. If they start to sparkle, immediately consume a Golden Apple to cure the infection.

Archduke Basilisk looks stunning!

Archduke Basilisk's very special treasures!



Exiled from a faraway kingdom. Made some bad business deals and poor choices. Dont ask. Caretaker/seller of basilisk and loves to fight. Bit of a coward however when it comes to stronger opponents.
-very self-conscience about his appearance and gets upset when he cant find his 'face'.
-Has a bodyguard but treats him more like a butler at times.
They squabble like an old married couple
-Pesters his doctor koru on a regular bases over minor ailments. The only doctor in furvilla with the skills to put up with him..

will respond in character.



Comments 34

    • A random glitching raptor pops into existence, sitting on the floor. "HI! It seems I'm visiting some strange but cool places today! I love your outfit! Very chic! Oh, and those teeth! Amazing! You're really cool you know!"

    • "HA! I'm far too inattentive to be something like that. As for switching careers not at the moment, I love this job and all the people that come with it."
      ". . ."
      "Well not ALL people but most"

    • "Thank you for your kind words," said Compass. "You have your own unique qualities though? Eyes on your tail for instance. That must give you remarkable hindsight."

    • “You are, like, the most magnificent gembound, ever. You have such a beautiful face. And, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!”

    • " shuffles uncomfortably" I am sorry is what I said came off as rude... I shouldn't have called you spooky. Its not your fault. T-thank you for the compliment... I really appreciate it!

    • how could i ever forget that cat, how could anyone?

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