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Villager: Pickles the Playful



Villager Info

ID: #420857

Name: Pickles the Playful

Gender: Demiboy

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 months, 15 days ago

Career: None

Owner: LittleMushroomSnail

Species: Bear

Color: Chibi Orca


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (194/194)

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Pickles the Playful looks stunning!


Pickles's TH

5828-pickle.png 3953-the-wand-of-distraction.png 5828-pickle.png

Paintie by Bananapop

"Me? Pull a prank on you? I would never!"

Pickles is a mischievous hybrid that loves pickles, pranks, and spooky stories. He is an anthropomorphic hybrid of a bear, an orca, and a spinosaurus. He does spend his time on land, but his skin does get a little dried out. But, that doesn't stop him from being a complete mischief-maker on land. He is a demi-heterosexual demiboy that uses He/ Him and They/ Them pronouns.

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