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User ID: #18096
Username: Saeran
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 12:47 am

Profile description

i have been playing this god forsaken furry game for far too long.

Villagers 28

Comments 124

    • Ok, I got the villager slot

    • I am just making the house for the shifty. It will be done in about an hour thirty. (Just in case you are wondering why the trade won't go through.

    • Well I clicked on your name because I saw "Saeran" and was greeted with the MintEye logo..... What more could I ask for?? (Except I like Saeyoung better....)

    • Your signature is a mood

    • I like this profile.

    • Penguins are amazing, why do you ask? ovo

    • yeah i got it! i just don’t accept payments till I finish heh.

    • Not a problem! I have plenty from old commissions and I don't use the site much so I figured it'd be nice to give back :)

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