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User ID: #53352
Username: Bunny_Lord
Gender: Female
Last Online: 23 May 2022, 12:50 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:45 pm

Profile description

4fe57f15aed0b17f5d6f999c238488c5b9d30762 (Image by Just-here2draw)
I have mild autism, so please be patient with me if I ask a question or don't understand something.

ADDED AS OF OCT 10th 2020: I am VERY bad at talking to people/having the courage to message another user due to past online harassment. I may be slow to respond, or not even respond at all. In fact, there's a few comments on profile of people trying to befriend me. While making new friends is one of my main goals, I can get extremely shy and forget to reply, then when I have the courage it'll be weeks or more after. If something like this ever happens please don't be mad at me.

I've always wanted to make friends! Even if me being anxious gets in the way don't hesitate to try to talk to me! I am working on it :) I will try my best!

MODS: ogre10 is my younger sistser Maya, we often send each other items to help each other. We have the same IP address because we live in the same house

Toyhou,se is CloveryLeaf.


Likes: Eddsworld, Pokemon, Undertale, South park, My little pony, BATIM, Five Nights at Freddy's, DDLC, BBIEAL, Creepypastas, and Steven Universe

(Basically I'm a cringe lord)

Dislikes: Panic! At the Disco, ranch dressing, MAPs/CAPs, trend culture, celebrities with fake bodies, ageplay such like DD/LG. Seriously, if your associated with ageplay activities please DO NOT contact me.
Fairies who gifted me in order:
Raccoon fairy
Impassioned fairy
The Barking fairy
Herb fairy
Fox Fangirl fairy
Bunny fairy
Frost fairy
Shiba fairy
Meowmeow fairy
Celestial fairy
Twenty seeds fairy
The REAL Ploof fairy!
Gay fairy
Witch fairy
Kylo Ren fairy
:^) fairy?
Beep fairy
Waterdog faerie
AWOO fairy
Space fairy
Pretend Anon fairy
The Calico Red Panda Fairy
Joestar Fairy
Doge Fairy
la fée française (French Fairy!)
Deer Faerie (Thanks for cheering me up!)
Emo Fairy (Also thanks for cheering me up!)
DeVito Fairy
~Universe Fairy~
Ash Fairy
Umbre Fairy
Arcade Gannon (fairy?)
philosophical fairy
Gem Raptor fairy
Flare fairy
Spooky fairy
Green Faairy :)
The Chex Mix Fairy
Jurassic Fairy
Doodle Fairy

I am a self shipper. I am not that vocal/showy as others are, I'm more quiet about it. Right now I only ship myself with one character I'm not gonna mention but I will say they are an adult like me and not based off an irl person. So we should have no issues here! I also do not mind others shipping themselves with them. I am not married to them nor actually dating them. IT IS ONLY FOR COMFORT. Because I wish someone would treat me that nicely. Why is this on my profile? Because most self shippers get a bad rep when they shouldn't, as long as what they are doing is safe and not harming anyone.

7117349dc4d874f45d6158e27bb745010395a82e (By Monotone Inkwell)

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    • Just wanted to say your art is gorgeous, and your anxiety is totally valid. I’ve never read a description on somebody’s anxiety that so thoroughly fit mine as well, and it’s a STRUGGLE so hang in there! ;;

    • Thank you for the treats! Enjoy your sticker ^^

    • Absolutely love your Neon J icon!

    • Woo! Hello hello, fellow Minnesota furry! Just saw you'd posted about MN conventions, and wanted to say hi. (No worries about needing to respond. S'all good!) :3

    • A happy ending for all would be wonderful, but I'm not sure that will happen. If we don't see Cas again Ill be sad, but what am amazing way for his character arc to end. Huge kudos to whoever wrote that speech, and Misha's amazing delivery of it.

    • Strangely enough, Castiel being #777 was a complete fluke. I didn't even notice villager ID numbers for a few months after making my villagers. It's crazy how that worked out!
      OMG, that episode just hurt my soul to watch! I suspected it was coming, but it still killed me! :(
      That speech to Dean by Cas though! <3

    • is this another bfb fan i see

    • Ah, thank you so much!! You've been a huge help =)

    • oml sorry fr the double post qwq''

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