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User ID: #60154
Username: Bestest_Fox
Gender: Fox(Male)
Last Online: 17 May 2024, 7:09 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:34 pm

Profile description

Thank you to any anon gifter!!! Sorry I couldn't thank you normally!!!

Feel free to ask me any questions~! If I can't answer i can most definitely direct you to someone who can <3

Custom, Premade, and Base Shop
Art Streams

pastel.png 60154.png?9
I own one of the few foxy friends on furvilla, I also own a 145% fox blade (which i turned into 150%[2])
both of these were gifted to me by the amazing Drake_Valos


Pastel/Jay/Fox | INFP-T | He/Him | -2 hours FV Time
Twitter | Ccard
The One Responsible For The Downfall Of The Fox Potion Economy

Wishlist said:
3177-mystery-kitsune-bag.png641-paintie-ticket.png567-fox-morphing-potion.png 4053-gilded-treasure-chest.png
Anything on Here (this is a clickable link)
Any Food Items or ingredients as well! <3 I mainly make the 2 salads and the TEP, OD, and OFB Items!

Current Goals:
~Have a pastel paintie for every costume (15/15)
~Get every single lance in the game for my gallery (9/13)
~Have every type of fox on my profile,not costumes (15/15)
~Get every single fox related item on furvila (check spreadsheet in wishlist)
~Get the whole set of kitsune equipment(3/6)
~Get 10k Fox Potions (977/10,000)

I am the one responsible for the giant Lance Village owned by LanceDoggo


As long as one person cares about me and loves what I'm doing.. it's all worth it~

foxy friend trophy made by Kirurik

Villagers 71

Comments 98

    • pretty quiet over here! hope you're doing well, i still see your icons being used by people like mod thaleia x3 do you ever think you'll be in the market for doing those again?

    • Omg Alfonso looks cute af in your style. Thank you so much!

    • hello you haven't been very active lately, but I would like to know your opinion of the Royal Fox.

    • You see it? You see my picture nice and big on my profile? :D

    • Yes I have! I hope you've been well too! The Jzanky you drew is one of my favourite gift arts ever. Irreplaceable!

    • Haha, no I did not!

    • I just saw your doppleganger!!! I probably spelled that word wrong!

      PS: that feast is still one of my favourite Furvilla memories! :D

    • Just noticed I have a Purple Arcty and Spotted Fennec from your list! Would you be down to do a headshot or 500FD for those little guys? No worries if not!

    • sending whatever fox morphing potions I have :>

    • i was getting my daily things when I got a fox morphing potion from the random morphing potion and thought of you so I screenshotted that

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