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User ID: #47247
Username: Drake_Valos
Gender: Male
Last Online: 21 Mar 2022, 11:57 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 6:54 pm

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    • Thank you!

    • Heh no probs bud... s'all fer fun an good... an yer always an inspiration ta others ta try ta be better :)

    • Haaahehehe well it's always a pleasure ta see ya at least fer an instant b'fore ya flash-fry me! hahaha ;)

    • Such a graveyard of golden trophies
      to attest of many things that you've killed at,
      What a delightful way to showcase
      all the many things that you're skilled at!
      Happy Harvest Festival! *bows* ;)

    • thank you so much for the fairies!! <3 <3 i appreciate it a ton! may both sides of your pillow be cool tonight to aid in a good night's rest.

    • xD. I actually preferred it, as I got through the battles much faster. I was evenly matched with some others and the battles were quite a slog fest for us both..

    • Thanks so much for the help with the duels! I appreciate it c=

    • Wasn’t sure if you were still selling Worker Slot Totems, but would you be down to do one for 2.7KFD and 2.3Mil FC?

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