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User ID: #213195
Username: shadowtigress
Gender: Female
Last Online: 8 Dec 2023, 3:12 am
Registered: 24 Aug 2022, 1:08 am

Villagers 17

Comments 26

    • aww thank you so much for the extra wish granted, super sweet of you!!! ;u;

    • No problem! Thanks for the wood and scuba shoes!

    • Awww thanks for the spell pages <3
      You really don't have to though. Hope you have the best luck on the event :)

    • Thank you too! c:

    • Thanks for the food donations! <3

    • thanks again~

    • heya ^^ you still have slabs to accept if ya want them! (from last gifting ^^)

    • You rejected the transfer of the Comfy Cozy Hat, I'm just checking in that it wasn't a mistake! If it was I can resend for you no problem <3

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