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Username: Jadegrove
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:44 am

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art shop | deviantart | toyhouse

Heya, I'm Jade! I became re-addicted to this site after leaving for a bit. I do commissions on my art shop and/or deviantart if you wanna check that out. I am on furvilla time.

I'm eternally looking for fairy dust, insect wings, feathers and dragon hides!

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    • Falorie I'm really glad it helped! :'D I plan to improve it a little bit, it makes me happy it's at least a little helpful or informative ^^

    • hey I stumbled across your feast guide. that bit about cost/time was really helpful! it's crazy how much more you will spend doing just the 10 point items, and I'm usually broke, so that's important lol

    • @BeakyBirds I'm flattered, I think ? :'D

    • *stalks your art thread* OuO

    • Thank you! I'm quite glad I was able to get this name while it was open.

    • Thank you soo much!! ;__; Ur art is really cute as well omg!!!

    • No problem! Thanks for the stables!

    • You are welcome :3

    • thank you!! yours is very nice as well honestly!

    • ahhhhh thank you! i love your page as well!!!

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