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Changes Coming to the Feast in February

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 15 Jan 2019, 8:46 pm


We have some changes coming soon to the Feast!

The basic structure and function of the Feast, as well as the cooking career, will remain generally the same. However, we are making important changes to prizes and placement.

These plans are scheduled to go into effect for February's Feast. Please read them carefully.

One Villager Per Account May Register for the Feast

You will no longer need to feed multiple villagers to obtain a mini-pet set. Each pet prize tier will award two pets.

Tiers Instead of Places

Starting with February's Feast, prizes will be awarded in tiers. This means that any number of players will be able to reach each prize tier, and you will be able to plan ahead for a Feast knowing just how many food points you will need to earn the prize you desire.

Feast Participation Ribbon

The tiers are as follows:

A player will earn the prizes from the tier they achieve, as well as each tier surpassed on the ladder, with the exception of trophies.

Your villager will receive the trophy for their profile which corresponds to the highest tier they achieve, if applicable.

10 Points - Common Animal x2, Used Food Wrapper

25 Points - Uncommon Animal x2, Feast Button (button will change each month)

100 Points - Rare Animal x2, Feast Participant Ribbon Keepsake

500 Points - Super Rare Animal x2, Bronze Trophy

1500 Points - Magical Sweetiecorn, Silver Trophy

5000 Points - Worker Slot Coupon, Gold Trophy

The new item, Used Food Wrapper Is quite mysterious! I do believe that those who hold onto many wrappers will eventually be rewarded! Er... eventually!

About Worker Totems

Worker Slot Totem will be pulled from the top prize tier. It will be replaced with Worker Slot Coupon, which will function the same way as the totem, but is untradable.

Worker Slot Coupon

Worker Slot Totem will be moved to the FurDollar Emporium.

Ingredient Availability

In an effort to make sure that cooking ingredients do not price spike out of control due to the above changes, we will be running new multi-skill-level rotating battlegrounds as well as an explore event that will drop common cooking ingredients. Look for these events to start within the next few days.

We also have several new recipes on the way!

Downtime as We Make Changes

The site will go down at 11:55 PM on January 31st to implement the above changes.

This means that the Feast will conclude at 11:55 PM, not Midnight.

Do not plan to feed past 11:55 PM on January 31st for the current Feast.

You will be able to start feeding your registered villager for the month once the site comes back online.

Who's Hungry?
- Aspen -

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    • Any chance we will still have a leaderboard to keep a little bit of the competitive aspect (even though it wouldn't really do anything else)? Owner-Aspen (sorry for the ping)

    • Thanks a bunch for these changes, now I can relax with my only 5k of FP needed and do some other stuff again lol without cooking all month :)

    • oh nuuuuu will be shut down till update done :/

    • Fantastic additions to the feast!

    • Ah, shame no Cookery Bundles. But I’m digging that! Thanks for the clarification.

    • RedlaSunShowers029 Well, we do need to preserve some of the "FC sink" portion of the Feast, so they will not be the cookery bundles. It will be up to you to do your grocery shopping as needed.

      The owls in the battlegrounds are dropping salad seeds, 8 point food ingredients and new items which will soon reveal themselves to be in some tasty dishes! The drop rates for these items are high, and can be found in the lvl 5 battleground.

      There is also a salad seed explore event run by someone going by the name of... hmmm... Was is Buck? And if you come across a farm, you may like to chat with some cows. They have some fresh new produce used for some tasty new dishes!

      The Clawtoothians are also working on bringing some of their cuisine to Furvilla! Lots of new things to try!

    • With mention of the battlegrounds and explore event, are the common ingredients items like the Cozy Cookery items, or something else? Because if it is the Cozy Cookery Items that’s going to be a lifesaver.