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User ID: #100865
Username: Turnivis
Gender: Female
Registered: 10 Jul 2017, 8:57 pm

Profile description

I do have work and a life, I usually work 8:30-3 FV time. Am also now dealing with college ;-;

I forget things very easily so please remind me often!!!!

Making a story, getting into cosplay, watching to much anime and.. a bunch more stuff I should probably be ashamed of ^-^

https://toyhou.se/Kittenzwingz I love art! wanna see mine ^^ (some made by me even though I can't draw XD)

wheeler1789 is my sister (she doesn't play anymore), and Colleen286 is the greatest GF i will ever have.

done by RGDPersonallity

done by Shortcakes

done by lunarlicorice

641-paintie-ticket.png418-apple-pumpkitty.png407-autumn-catbat.png69-beast-costume.png3097-black-hole-kitsoul.png1795-blazing-firecat.png1645-aquarium-aquaticat.png2257-blue-skies-aerkit.png2911-blue-topaz-carat-cat.png3297-calico-owlikit.png1643-crystal-aquaticat.png2096-cumulonimbus-thundercat.png721-egyptian-sphinx-cat.png1794-ember-firecat.png1836-flowering-gaiacat.png64-galaxy-costume.png3019-love-bug-kitterpillar.png2355-magic-bay-dutch-angel-dragon-sticke2349-magic-calico-sticker.png2383-magic-tiger-sticker.png1644-oil-aquaticat.png2259-purple-myst-aerkit.png68-reaper-costume.png3020-siamese-kitterpillar.png411-smiling-kritty.png70-spooky-costume.png3021-stardust-kitterpillar.png2095-storm-thundercat.png1835-watermelon-gaiacat.pngfurdollars.gif 3584-ascended-cloud-tail.png 3583-spooked-cloud-tail.png 3581-white-cloud-tail.png 3933-ptilotus-rattler-serpenvine.png 3931-bamboo-cobra-serpenvine.png 3935-fiddlehead-fern-python-serpenvine.p 3934-cactus-rough-green-snake-serpenvine3586-siamese-cat-in-the-box.png3587-calico-cat-in-the-box.png3588-maine-coon-cat-in-the-box.png

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    • : Marks Turnivis as friend :

      ( Finally ) ^

    • thank you kind soul :D

    • (Their comments are hidden because they got banned)

    • gotta look out for my pal ouo7 (lemme know if you ever want a new eevee icon too ill draw one up for ya!!)

    • Yeah i know, I said they could have my old eevee one but they just keep changing, perfecthospitaller but ty for letting me know <3

    • hey turnivis that DS person youre talking to is actively taking and rotating through other folks icons (and posing as someone naive about how art theft works lmao) ! i saw yours a while ago on their profile that i saw (among other ppl) and thought id let u know!!

    • oh the one ur using now. It use to be mine :P But keep it it's cute :D and u should save up FC and get Icons of ur own characters! it adds personality DiabeticSeizures

    • Yay cute new avatar!

    • Cute Profile, :3

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