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User ID: #10705
Username: Doomy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Aug 2019, 5:59 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:40 pm


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DeviantArt | FurAffinity (NSFW) | Toyhou.se | FlightRising |

Please don't send me random friend requests!

Doomy | 24 | She/Her/They/Them

+1 FV Time

Hi I'm trying to make a little comeback. :)

You can call me Doomy, or Amanda, either works. I consider myself pretty chill if ya' wanna ever talk to me. Though I have hella Anxiety™️ so don't expect me to start the conversations. I'm pretty bad at reply to smaller interactions, and I promise it's not you, it's just a me problem.

I love dogs, spiders, and video games. Especially Nintendo. I love talking about all of those.. except dogs... talking about dogs makes me too emotional I can't handle it.

My villager profile comments are only turned off because unsolicited Roleplay makes me very uncomfortable, but if you have something to say about a paintie, etc. feel free to just comment on my profile!

I mostly collect Costume'd villagers, as I like to have the expensive or long term goal type of 'pets' on pet sites. I have plenty of dream ones to get for certain OCs, currently it's Royal Snakes, and I really hope we get goats!!! (I want a Royal and Beast Goat....)

My block list is a 'ban list' of sorts from my commissions, so if you're blocked, you've probably done or said something that makes me uncomfortable to do business with you. :)

Nothing on my account is for sale, currently.

My bois say hello o/

Wish list:


[img]http://www.furvilla.com/img/items/3/3539-obsidian-greatsword.png/img] 3320-amethystine-greatsword.png

+ A lot of other Warrior Equips I missed out on rip

Canine Minipet Collection Wishlist



If you need help crafting a DMM costume, feel free to PM me! I'm fine with helping anyone out that has the materials!

Villagers 61

Comments 45

    • Aaaahhh, how do you do all this beautiful stuff with the CSS?

    • You're welcome ^^

    • Dog of Wisdom gets you a big ol thumbs up from me. It's so good and pure.

    • RIGHT? She gets to be up at all the cool times

    • You need to sleep more. Or so I've been told. I sleep awful too. (Norbiester said we sleep weird, so ayyyy)

    • ayyy kid you've got a nice face. let's be friends.

    • O v O ''' hi

    • Thank you! Pleasure doing business with ya

    • Aaa are you sure? I'll only be giving it away anyway haha! I'm restarting my acc by giving all my things away so you're welcome to take it if you wish ;u;

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