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User ID: #108217
Username: hircus
Gender: Space Android
Last Online: 12 Jul 2020, 2:17 am
Registered: 2 Dec 2017, 1:24 pm

Profile description

James/Maynard/Rudy/Mongo | he/they | non-binary (transmasc) | September 19, 2003

Aspergers | psychosis | social anxiety | hypothyroidism | general memory issues

I have bad memories & experiences with H***lia. Don't think I'm being mean if I block you, I just don't feel comfortable thinking about it now.

Thank you to any and all anon transfers!!

Carrd / Instagram / Toyhouse


Some things I like:
- 1960s - 90s stuff
- Dobie Gillis (reclaimed from the "you know whos". Modern AU time, baby)
- Early 90s Nick at Nite
- Five Nights at Freddy's
- General collecting and video games
- Oingo Boingo
- The Party (1968)
- Plastic Bertrand
- Nintendo & Sega
- Scooby-Doo
- Sid and Marty Krofft
- The Weird Al Show................
- Where's Waldo

I love talking to people despite my horrible anxiety and inability to continue a conversation :'0). Don't be afraid to send me a random PM or friend request.

I also struggle with words so if I ever say thanks and I sound uninterested, I promise I'm being genuine.

Oceandome (12/2/17 - 7/11/19)
Quetzal Palace (7/11/19 - present)


wishlist said:

Anything bear, skunk, flower, or alien/space related

4129-hopeless-romantics-rose.png4686-crown-of-flowers.png4477-tiny-toy-brontosaurus.png4469-faux-leather-jacket.png4475-tiny-toy-t-rex.png 3700-grizzly-teddy-bear.png3409-gargoyle-gecko.png5287-mind-bending-hypno-box.png632-horned-guinea-pig.png4488-vintage-ant-farm.png4762-carpenter-bumblebear.png4764-digger-bumblebear.png1840-cerberus-doberpup.png3701-honey-teddy-bear.png717-spiked-spiny-mouse.png3703-well-loved-teddy-bear.png5042-elephant-incense-burner.png4729-wizardly-wand.png5307-demon-gryphon-sticker.png4699-dragon-cat-sticker.png5303-mummy-bear-sticker.png4691-barbarian-bear-sticker.png4405-fae-bat-sticker.png4407-gala-glam-skunk-sticker.png1028-spotted-skunk-plush.png2220-noble-bear-plush.png1022-albino-skunk-plush.png754-polar-bear-plush.png2829-creature-skunk-plush.png4471-space-chase.png

(about my aforementioned interests: krofft makes sense but i understand how "outré" it is for me to like dobie. i project my insecurities & traumas on to those lil bastards. the show helps me cope & has gotten me out of a huge mental rut so sry if that interest is "too unique". i love it, personally, despite its flaws u_u.)

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    • general audiences can have one freedom of choice song, as a treat. but jokes on you i'm using the recombo version :0]

      (the vid has a lot of silence at the end. song stops at 2:56)

    • ?74c3s=platform.png ?4G9tR=platform.png ?4RpCp=platform.png ?4kc6B=platform.png

      wowie look fellas we have pokefarm o_o

    • gosh i've gotten so far deep into my lil sitcom that i can literally connect any actor to it.

      the fact that i could connect alan young and jerry stiller to it, two seemingly random actors, then i think i could find a connection for any actor. and by "connection", i mean like... mutual properties? if that makes sense?? for example: alan young was on "the love boat". steve franken was also on "the love boat". steve played a semi-regular on dobie. therefore, alan young is somewhat connected to dobie. of course, you could probably find a mutual actor on mr. ed. you could even go back to "coach", a show alan was on. tim conway and richard butkus are both connected to chuck mccann. chuck was with bob denver on "far out space nuts". bob was a main on dobie..... yadda......... "rowan & martin"'s martin was on coach as well... laugh-in, ruth buzzi, the lost saucer, jim nabors, andy griffith show, dud wash, bob denver............ words... the jerry thing is seinfeld. another steve franken connection. steve was in s9 e19 of seinfeld, s9 e19 of the simpsons features a bob cameo..... and my birthday happens to be sep 19........ hm..... what kind of back-breaking coincidence is THIS.

      nah but this is just me havin fun lol. dw there's no tinfoil on my head. i just think this is all rly inch resting. sry if i sound creepy lol.

    • i'm so ashamed that this took me 2 whole hours to make. from 3 to 5am i wasted valuable time on paint tool sai crafting this. god.


    • ginger or mary ann: tired. everyone's asked this and everyone knows the answer. there's no more discussion. reminds us all of the dark side of the gi community

      gilligan or gomer pyle: fresh. exciting. actually opens up discussion. people can actually have long and thoughtful arguments. NOT a question asked/answered mostly by old men. can unite the gi and andy griffith/gpusmc communities once more

    • this only makes sense to me but my mom and i were having a Discussion...


      don't roast me for quality this shit took me 3 seconds

    • puny brain: ginger or mary ann

      large brain: gilligan or gomer pyle

      humongous brain: jim nabors or leslie jordan

    • hi shit i love ur art!!! it's real cute & unique

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