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User ID: #108217
Username: hircus
Gender: Male
Last Online: 21 Sep 2019, 1:03 pm
Registered: 2 Dec 2017, 1:24 pm


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James/Hircus | he/they | English + basic French | 16 | September 19, 2003

Thank you to any and all anon transfers!!

DeviantArt / Instagram / Toyhouse / Tumblr (self-ship don't clown [pensive emoji])

ACPC ID: 0968 1412 349 / Switch Friend Code: SW-0160-1056-0067

CSS by Reav


Hey there, I'm James. I like Scooby-Doo, the Cats musical, 1960s-70s TV shows, the Moomins, and Where's Waldo.

I'm always open to conversation! I've been professionally diagnosed with social anxiety and I'm not the best at maintaining a conversation, but I'm very friendly and I love to talk! Y'know... once the nervousness clear up. Also, I accept all friend requests!

I freaking love The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis!! If you like this too, please tell me! I will instantly become your friend because I've literally never met another person who's seen the show.

i want this post framed honestly

Oceandome (12/2/17 - 7/11/19)
Quetzal Palace (7/11/19 - present)


wishlist said:
3084-alchemists-pal.png4686-crown-of-flowers.png4129-hopeless-romantics-rose.png4469-faux-leather-jacket.png1892-aurora-ice-chunk.png 114-feather.png115-sky-rock.png173-kingly-gemstones.png629-dutch-guinea-pig.png632-horned-guinea-pig.png4488-vintage-ant-farm.png4762-carpenter-bumblebear.png4764-digger-bumblebear.png1840-cerberus-doberpup.png2805-circus-pal-lil-spoop.png391-demon-manti.png2811-daemon-bat-plush.png1101-guinea-pig-rodent-plush.png

(For the plushes, I'd prefer if they weren't magic)

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    • hi shit i love ur art!!! it's real cute & unique

    • My Instagram is craigeesart! But king_craigy works!!

    • wow i'm back let's hope i stay

    • Ahh nice! Be seeing you around I guess! ^^

    • Yo are you on Drawception under the same user? Saw a Scooby Doo pic and it looked like your style ^^
      (Sorry if this is annoying but I think it's cool when I recognize people :'0)

    • that was so good. thank you.

    • hello fellow ben 10 fan!

    • Your work is such a unique and awesome style, I adore it! Hopefully I don't miss the opening since I'm going to bed now but if I do just pls slap me on the pinglist and I'll try nabbing a slot next time. ^_^ best of luck with your art shop, I think your work will be v in demand! ♡

    • Hallo, sorry to bug you here aaa but may I have a ping when you've opened up shop (or if possible, reserve a slot now)? Your art is amazing and I want to comm you for a digital fullbody of my pokésona. <3

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