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User ID: #117953
Username: Galaxywolf269
Gender: Female
Registered: 24 Jul 2018, 1:41 pm

Profile description

Hello my fellow hooman bean!

About Me I Guess?: I like drawing in my free time, reading, watching my favorite shows, and sleeping XD. I don't have any pets, and I live in the US in +0 FV time.

Current Wishlist:
*Monster Meat
*Light Mythic Tablets
*Anodized Aluminum Lumps
*Oceanic Rubies
*Oceanic Emeralds
*Topaz Feathers
*Allure Feathers
*Leopard Print Fabric
*Gourd Containers
*Quill Sewing Sets
*Any and All Super Rare Reagents

~~Thank you to the Saggitarri King for the Shamrocks! <3~~

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    • Oh no, thank you so much for the offer of letting me have the biolum.. Sag from LittleThief, but I've got enough on my plate right now. I'd be happier if you went ahead with it instead c=

    • you're welcome, bud!

    • Yes! I still need some eyeglasses. 218 of them to be exact. But you don't need to get all 218, just a few would be fine, I don't want to have you use up all your FC.

    • Whoops, nevermind, I don't need the fabric- if you've already bought it, I can repay you the FC

    • I am no longer in need of the brass pieces or sun coins (Should probably update my profile lol), but the medieval fabric would be fine, I think I need 5 if that's possible ^^

    • Hi! I have a ton of salt that I can send over, but idk if you still need that?

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