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User ID: #117953
Username: Galaxywolf269
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Jan 2020, 11:52 pm
Registered: 24 Jul 2018, 1:41 pm

Profile description

Hello my fellow hooman bean!

About Me I Guess?: I like drawing in my free time, reading, watching my favorite shows, and sleeping XD. I don't have any pets, and I live in the US in +0 FV time.

Wishlist: Making a list here --> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cEGkEkAe6fc2KyiyPYWSSeD9VXsUrmQbsqdGfBFlA14/edit#gid=0
Art of my Active Villager Bellatrix, (more art of her can be found at my ToyHouse, where I have the same username as here.)

Please help me with finding minipets to match every Ben 10 alien! This is my ultimate goal in the game is to collect a minipet that is similar to each one (and yes, minipets that don't exist yet here may match someone.)
All I ask is that you go to the sheet and if you see a minipet or think of one that matches an alien, then please type the minipet name in the 'Nominees' Column on the far right.
Spreadsheet Here, thank you!

Stuff I Owe Currency For:

Stuff I Owe People:
x6 Crayon Headshots for Sharkface_Ooh_Ha_Ha (2/6 done)
Sketch page on Discord
Fullbody on Discord

Villagers 14

Comments 63

    • Oh my god, thank you so much for the pumpkin drawing you made back there in the Drawing OCs Poorly thread, it cracked me up and I freakin love it

    • Sure is! If you have a TH, I can send you the transfer once you have paid.

    • Thank you very much for telling me about the Haunted Pine Slabs price.

    • So, Pozemi gave you wood, huh? How much?

      We exchanged soups. UwU
      I had 47 Soup stones, and Pozemi had a bunch of soups. UwU UwU

    • You're very welcome~

    • I'm officially dying. I'm currently humming the song that plays when you encounter Flowey in a high pitched voice. I need help... P l e a s e S e n d H a l p

    • Hello! I really hate to bother people, but you got two headshots of two characters in my 10000 FC headshot thread, right? Well, I think that, on accident, you forgot to pay me. Could you do that for me? I think the total for you would've been 30000 FC (and if I'm mistaken, you can just politely ignore me, I just don't remember getting a transaction notification from you, and I can't find one from you either)

    • Thank you so much for the Hoyalty Seed!

    • My bad! I hadn't looked at your TH recently, sorry to bug ya ^^

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