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Username: Lab
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jun 2019, 12:27 pm

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-2hours Furville Time
I play and check this game generally from 12pm to 2-3am during summer.

i’m bad at peopleing so if my comments seem awkward, i just didn’t know how to respond

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    • ( I'm pretty sure this is your current one, btw! If you haven't changed it yet. (( If you did change it, then I'm talking about the previous one. )) )

    • I be talkin about the one with the wolf-human boi✨

    • just a question, what anime is in your sig? It looks interesting :0

    • Nice sig! ^^

    • Nice She-ra in your signature!

    • how do you do the gif? i plan to try to do it myself

    • Hey! I was wondering how you do the rotating GIF thing? You can DM me since it's more convenient

    • Ah yeah I can understand that. Tbh I think the only reason they made that was so the people that want cheats can just use that instead of hacking the actual game.

    • oh! you play transformice? have you ever heard of a website called miceforce..? it's another version of transformice that the developers released long ago but you start off with a hell lot of cheese and strawberry things. x>

    • I see! Thank you for telling me :)

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