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User ID: #135416
Username: Lab
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jun 2019, 12:27 pm

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-2hours Furville Time
I play and check this game generally from 12pm to 2-3am during summer.

i’m bad at peopleing so if my comments seem awkward, i just didn’t know how to respond

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    • it was the one of the red robot lookin' lad. :^)

    • hey sorry to bug you, but what is the character in ur signature from? it looks super cool.

    • Hey! I just wanted to check you got my trade? Not to pressure you I just wanna make sure it didn't glitch out or something dfghj

    • ok looking at the top 2 comments on your page now, I'm assuming you have some kind of code in your signature that changes the image every time the page refreshes XD? I made a post and saw it change and was like, "haha, funny, they're changing it right as I'm seeing it." Then I kept refreshing to watch it change LOL. That's really cool!

    • oh, that's really cool.

    • it seems every time I have seen your signature today it changes.

    • Thank you for the sticker!!

    • Thanks!

    • :0!!
      Thanks for the link ah! I'll def use it in the future :)

    • Ah I came here to say I love your CC sig, then I went to check it and it was an MLP one, then I refreshed a bunch and found out it cycled lmao
      Your sig's pretty cool! ^^

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