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User ID: #155561
Username: Miiko_owo
Gender: Male
Last Online: 4 Jul 2020, 11:17 am
Registered: 14 Oct 2019, 12:31 pm

Profile description

Trans demiboy / 16 / homoromantic, antrosexual, aceflux (maybe polysexual but my bf isn't so whatever xd)

Main interests: Aliens! Space! Gene-editing! Biohacking! Science fiction! Fantasy! Magic! Other dimensions and time lines! Cute stuff! Creepy stuff! Gay stuff! Anime! Furries! Mobile/nintendo switch games!

Series i like: Pokemon! Rick & Morty! Hannibal! Sherlock! Unnatural selection!

Comics: Cherry blossoms after winter! Killing stalking! A matter of life and death! a bunch of webtoons!
Games(mobile): Call of duty! Mobile legends! Brawl stars!
Daily play: Goatlings! Chickensmoothie! Furvilla!

Addicted to adopts ;-;

I also like drawing nwn

DA: MiikoYT
TH: https://toyhou.se/MiikoYT
IG: miiko_da

I'm way too lazy, that's why links aren't here.

'miikoo' is my fursona (alien raccoon) and 'max' (siberian husky) is my boyfriend's fursona <3

I am from and live in Argentina, Max is from and lives in Chile.

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    • !!!! I love the piece of art Hatsuko bought for me for xmas from you it’s incredible and you are a very good artist!!! You got all of his little details so perfectly and in a traditional media down to his scarf texture! It’s really amazing and I cried

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