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User ID: #15965
Username: Hiei
Gender: Male
Last Online: 3 Apr 2020, 10:35 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 10:06 pm

Profile description

Hello there! My name is Chris, or Hiei!
I am many things but above all I like to call myself
a Prince, an Artist, and a friend.
So please feel free to call me any of the three.


Quick Facts:
⭐ I'm 23
⭐ I'm Male (he/him)
⭐ I'm happily dating user Shuichi
⭐ My favorite Animus are Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Erased, BNHA, and Madoka Magica.
⭐ I also really love Homestuck, Game Grumps, Pokemon, and Splatoon.

Genuinely Important things to know:
⭐ I have clinical depression and crippling anxiety.
⭐ I am ommetaphobic (fear of eyes) and arachnophobic (fear of spiders).

Please never be afraid to talk to me about anything, though!
I love making friends and am always happy to have a new one!



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    • Well, if you are up to it, then you can go right ahead! I would need to pay ya somehow you were to do it, because of how much time it could take and such ^~^ but yee, copyright and stuff cam be a problem, depending though you know?

    • If you could do them, that would be awesome! But yeah, we can't have them too obvious. And of we do, well, we just hope it works out ^^ but I'm sure I can get it. One day, heheh!

    • Thank you so much ^^ I am hoping to make lowkey painties for them or ask others it they could help me out, heh

    • ahhh i'm so glad you think so !! tumblr_m9gcuvmluS1qzckow.gif

    • thank you for your compliment on Aria!! <33 xe was my first paintie and xe took a whole two days to make ;u;

    • i love you mooore <33333

    • Ah,joviality shines endlessly upon thy's gleaming greets,m'dear wonderful lad~ *bows and raises hat*

    • hello darling <3

    • I only want to know it, so thanks. :3 I'm 19. :3

    • Hello. :3
      How old are you, if I can ask..? s:

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