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User ID: #33967
Username: MeloNeko
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 5:04 am

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Caligraphy by Velociraptor

I'm a noob to Pokefarm! Please click the babies.


We miss you, you glorious Dragon
Thank you for all the help you have given us

J4mIigx.png h7InoiC.png
Above Userboxs by noll
Userbox by Alewolf


Drake_Valos is wonderful pass it on
steeldino is also wonderful give them love

I sometimes visit friends with my Laptop so if at any point I am on the same Network/IP as Derpuppy it's because of that please don't ban us.

I visit other villages for events, but Olde Foxbury will always be my home.

Hello everyone! I'm Melo. Nice to meet you. Welcome to my ever growing village! I am trying my best to save up to get paintie tickets and potions to help everyone out; though it's taking a bit ^ w ^;; Everyone has their own quirks and are open to chat! My favorite color is purple and my favorite number is 9! (I also really like green and yellow and the number 4)

I used to be the Melnix Fairy~!

Member of the Meme Guild, The guild of the Amazing signet ring, Leodon Fan Club, and the Anime Fanclub


I collect Magical Plushies! If I have a non-magical version in my toybox it is a placeholder until I get the magical version. If you want to trade the magical for the non-magical (You are a saint) Please tell me!

I dream of having at least one of my birthday ID villagers (42091, 200491, 4201991,etc) and/or my furvilla ID villager (33967) If you know the person who has these IDs or have them yourself please message me! I also like IDs that are Palindromes! So if you are offering one please tell me! Other IDs I hope to have: 525600

Weird goals: Have every Potion Exclusive Villager Species Costume type (Minus Shifty Maybe), HAVE EVERY CHIBI VILLAGER TYPE, Have 1000 Villagers, Own villager 999999, Own a Palendrome ID ACHIEVED!!
Current Dutchie types: Normal, Fluffy, Galaxy, Angelic, Fairy, Chibi, Holiday, Gala, Chibi Pumpkin,
Current Gembound Types: Normal, Fluffy, Royal, Chibi, BlackRose, Angelic, Aquatic, Beast,
Current Snuffle Types: Normal, Fluffy, Chibi, Holiday, Gala,
Current Wickerbeast Types: Normal, Fluffy, Chibi, Holiday, Galaxy, Gala, Chibi Snowman,
Current Manokit Types: Normal, Chibi, Holiday, Gala,
Current Saggitari Types: Normal, Holiday, Gala, Steam Punk, Chibi, Chibi Spell Caster,
Current Leodon Types: Normal, Fairy, Chibi, Chibi Jeweled,
Current GemRaptor Types: Normal, Sorcerer, Chibi, Chibi Evergreen, All Current Birthday Chibis,
Current Flailadon Types: Normal, Shipwreck, Chibi,

My Timezone is +1 Furvilla time

I love making people smile! I will try my best to help people when they're feeling down; even if I'm not feeling well myself. Life isn't fun; in fact it sucks a lot, but I wanna try and make it a little bit brighter for others around me the best I can.\(; w ;)/ Let's all try to get through this together. (unless you wanna be left alone for a bit that's fine too)

I use my stall as extra storage since it's cheaper. Sorry about that!

If I have done something to upset you, please tell me what I did and I will try to better myself from it and not do the thing again.

I also LOVE animation! If you love animation too, feel free to talk about animation with me!

I survived the Furvilla Hackening
made by @bellathygay


I live for the memes
NlM2X0R.png qTwUqBu.png

Hi thanks for checking in (flashing image warning)

Villagers 674

Comments 158

    • Glad I could introduce you to one of my fave games! I'd definitely recommend WH, if you haven't played it before.

    • Your profile picture is so damn CUTE--

    • (responding to transfer note) If you ever do name them that, I'd love to see XD

    • Yeaaaaaah.... summer is no fun... I'm about the same; surviving some how in all this heat.... But sooner than later it will be nice and cool again, and I'll be a less depressed and melting doggo.... That's probably also on fire somehow... xD

    • I have been blessed today by the presence of a good Jerboa~ Hope you're doing well~!

    • Thank you for the welcome!

    • Thank you for all of the lovely purchases!

    • I never saw so many villagers in one account, it's wonderful! ... I hope you reach 1000! <3

    • Thankyou! <3 they're in the same thread in the sold section, you can save them from there!

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