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User ID: #168363
Username: LavenderKitsunes
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Apr 2020, 11:22 pm
Registered: 27 Jan 2020, 9:38 am

Profile description

"At the end of everything, hold onto anything...'

Call me Moosey, Fox, Lav, or Vivian!

- she/her pronouns
- lesbian
- severely adhd
- special interests are a hat in time, pokemon, night in the woods, sonic, japanese folklore, etc
- hobbies include art, cooking, writing, gaming, and so on

Languages: English (native), Spanish (advanced), German (beginner)

Feel free to stop by and say hi sometime ^^


"Time is running out
And I'm prob'ly trapped in
Time - still running out
Yet I'm feeling nothin'"

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    • Hi! Thanks for the Sand Dollars, every bit counts- thanks again n_n

    • Np! I don't have anything else on your list, but I'm glad that what I gave you made you happy! :D

    • derp dog god appreciates information you provided.

    • Tysm for all the recycling stuff <3

    • np! <3

    • Good day ma’am, I’m saying hi

    • Tysm! for granting my wish!

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