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As you walk among the beautiful elegant streets of Quetzal Palace, you stumble across a homey old looking building that looked somewhat out of place.

You take the moment to relax from your walk as you examine the structure before you. It had a rustic architecture in which the grade of marble, ranging from different colors and age, lined the exterior to a point before switching onto rainbow wood.

You blinked as you only continued to stare at it, you had considered it to be a house for someone but the more you looked at it the less you were sure. You could more or less tell that it was some sort of facility as it was much too big to be simply someone's home and it didn't even qualify as a manor of sorts with the work that needed to be done as you gazed at the worn-out marble and wood you could spot.

It was different but not completely odd, given the material that made the building was from the area. However it was still fascinating, how the treated multi-colored logs stacked on top of the lined marble slabs, creating a log structure. It was clearly made to be somewhat different compared to the other surrounding buildings. It used many of the local branches and smaller trees to decorated the pouch and balcony of the building, revealing slightly tinted blue windows and a beautiful red ornate door.

It was there that you noticed the sign, a metal plaque that had elegantly written words upon it's surface. You inched closer to the structure to get a better look at what it said:

Rose Red Inn.

You read this to yourself before you turn your head to see a bat's face pressed against the window's glass, staring right at you. Instinctively you jumped back as if caught red-handed in a crime. A thought plagues your mind, how long have they been staring at you?

They continued to stare before they finally disappear from the window, it was at this that you decided that you lingered around the location far too long for your own liking!

You take your leave, turning swiftly on your heel to continue on your walk, it didn't last long however... A voice chimes through the air,

"... Is there anything I can help with?" The voice was warm much like a summer breeze, you reluctantly turn your head to face it and your eyes widen briefly.

That ornate door was now open and a Dutch Angel Dragon stood in it's passageway, a genuine smile graced her face. You could hear the chitter-chatter of those whom were staying for the evening or just living there from the doorway. It was lively like chistmas party and warm, you could feel the warmth radiate from the doorway.

"... Would you like to stay for the evening?" Her voice chimes once more to bring back your attention to her. You focus on her fully, debating wither or not you would like to stay the evening or not.


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    • Thank you for the training sire,and now going out to the battlefields I wish nothing but luck on your future training and that you have some promising encounters.
      4th report-05/02/2017-Adva Town Military Noob Training Camp-Squad 5

    • If you know any Galaxy Costume vendors interested in trading for a Warrior Costume (very similar build/price, enhances warriors), please let them know I have the Warrior Costume ready for them. Might be able to sweeten the deal a bit too. Thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for the seeds transfer! Love your profile page and toons

    • Oooh!~ Man your profile is cool!

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