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Username: Atome
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 Dec 2017, 10:27 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:20 am

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Leo | 24
FR |Tumblr

Whaddup, call me tome. I'm female but use any pronouns you want
I do roleplay and also casually art things, I'm friendly so feel free to hmu for convos

Dinosaurs, Danny Phantom, Original Teen Titans, Pokemon, Digimon, SNK, Horror, vidya gamz, and more.

Don't follow the wisps...

Things I Collect
Stardust--Souls of the Damned

Things I'm looking for.


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    • aaah, cool! Im not all that into SnK anymore, but Annie and Hanji are my favs from that series! I cosplay Peridot from Steven Universe, Katara from A:TLA.... and Ive also cosplayed several Hetalia characters and Ive cosplayed Armin from SnK but i consider those cosplays retired. I may need to retire Katara too since I dont have a wig that works. Basically Ive got a lotta cosplays laying around that i dont wanna use.

    • sweet, you cosplay? do you cosplay anyone else too?

    • GREAT i love TT. i miss the old one. idk why they bothered rebooting it the way they did.

    • TT as in teen titans?? i have that whole show on dvd too oops//

    • for the trumpeting dinos are u talking about parasaurolophus? those guys are cool. and i also have the entire series on dvd haha! (i love to collect dvds, i have too many rip)

    • i like theropods with cool crests and junk like guanlong, dilophosaurus, cryolophosaurus, etc. but i also love your classic raptor dinos. my fav in particular with those is balaur bondoc (tho i guess its still unclear whether or not it would have looked raptor like? its a weird dino to say the least). and ye danny is one of my childhood favs

    • helo it is i, what are your fav dinos.

    • Awh that blows : ( are you staying there the entire summer?

    • Been doing okk, what about you? You haven't shown up in discord for a while : (

    • Well hello there ;0

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