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Username: Wolpard
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Welcome to the Tigereye Peak Limestone District!

The Limestone District is known for it's famed limestone formations and fossil beds, as well as it's historical significance.

The soil here is also perfect for growing plants native to Tigereye Peak (but not so much for foreign plants).

hi im wolp and i only talk about dinosaurs and bugs.
feel free to ask me about palaeontology stuff.
i volunteer regularly at a museum.
i have a palaeo blog
and an art blog

All my painties are done by me.
paintie shop


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    • I love all your paintie'd villagers, they're super cool!

    • im pretty basic tbh. styracosaurus and velociraptor are my go to nonavian dinos, and ive also got a soft spot for citipati and other oviraptorids.

      admittedly, i lean more towards pterosaurs as of recently. still love me some dinos, tho!

    • HONESTLY rip.

      At least that didn't go the route I thought it was going to... But still.

      Throwing your son off a building. Nice going. Nice.

    • Just watched it and holy cow it was. I sure hope so... The plot's getting good!

    • Oh, did they finally get their act together? Sweet! I'll have to check that out.

    • I pray they figure it out soon. I want my catnerd back.

    • I'm totally with ya there. I don't mind waiting, it's just weird how wonky things were ugh. Also weren't we supposed to get another Christmas episode or something? Can hardly see that happening now. 8')

    • It's definitely a great show! I'm eagerly waiting the release of the rest of this season... They had to keep us waiting right when the plot got particularly interesting, didn't they?

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