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Username: Atome
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 Dec 2017, 10:27 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 11:20 am

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Leo | 24
FR |Tumblr

Whaddup, call me tome. I'm female but use any pronouns you want
I do roleplay and also casually art things, I'm friendly so feel free to hmu for convos

Dinosaurs, Danny Phantom, Original Teen Titans, Pokemon, Digimon, SNK, Horror, vidya gamz, and more.

Don't follow the wisps...

Things I Collect
Stardust--Souls of the Damned

Things I'm looking for.


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    • xD Aww, thank you! Well then I am glad he has inspired you!

    • mm, do you mean the tail in particular? the mane on his head was a *adsgfwerwrewer EXPLITIVES* and I still am not totally satisfied with it... what I did was I drew on top of the original on many layers and then worked things together... I also brightened the base a lil bit and used a TON of overlays to unify color

    • tbh senzo was an experiment i got carried away with and now here he is. Super duper fun to make painties, but I got nervous modifying his face and tail so much.

    • ah yes mobile can wig out. I always have to turn my phone to get it to work on there.

      Wickers are so important tbh. And the creator of the species is SO nice ;n;

      yeAH judging by the feedback on senzo i ought to make more too- I did just make Renge.

    • oh dear, is the comment button borked? I gotta fix that ;n; ofc! I loveeee your painties. Wickerboops!

    • ooo so many Wickers... Ringmaster is so awesome looking!
      and Thank you so much for liking my Wicker design. ^^

    • Thank you! Ringmaster looks awesome, too!

    • Hello! Nope, you just seemed pretty cool! I saw your wickerbeast, Ringmaster, and decided to drop an add. 'v'

    • Thank you for the comment Atramedes! Your painties are fantastic <3

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