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User ID: #26261
Username: angelicasriel
Gender: Genderless
Last Online: 7 Feb 2020, 9:58 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:46 pm

Profile description

3455-lesbian-pride-button.png azzy-20-they/them3458-transgender-pride-button.png

im not super active at the moment

hi! i'm azzy + my profile has been a wip since the day i joined! i dont know if im actually ever going to upload my painties so haha

my pokefarmQ (inactive)

(things im looking for!!)
-minipets listed here (needs updated)
-magic sailor otter mustelid plush
-magic sea turtle dragon plush
-magic manta bat plush !!!!!! high priority!!!
-magic lobster bee plush

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    • My mate is truely wonderful

    • Salt and pilot are gay grand dads

    • all coogies r good,... but him,.. hes a peepee

      also piolt cookie is.. a graddad am i right...

    • muscle cookie scary,,... am i right...

    • good choice, i like them a lot too, but i go more for the goblin that is pancake... hes just.... so cute...

    • is that his name? oof i cant remeber

    • adding u !!
      my username is the same as my fv name :3

      is pepermint ur fav?

    • i see cookie run :eyes:
      whats ur code if u dont mide me asking :o

    • *nods eagerly and bumps your nose with hers before scurrying off to stash it away somewhere safe*

    • *a small star dragon leaps at you and gives you a big hug, chirping with joy and thanks*

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