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User ID: #26261
Username: angelicasriel
Gender: Genderless
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:46 pm

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3455-lesbian-pride-button.png azzy-24-they/them3458-transgender-pride-button.png


i'm here to collect cute items!!
my profile has been a wip since the day i joined!
i'm just friendly, sorry if my forum posts don't make sense!

working on earning feast costume, getting more villager slots

my pokefarmQ (inactive)
my Goatlings account (WAY more active)

(things im looking for!!)
-jellyfish aquarium
-minipets listed here (needs updated)
-magic sailor otter mustelid plush
-magic lobster bee plush
-magic snowflake big cat plush


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Comments 24

    • Thank you! It was made by Arctic_Raptor. :3 maybe you can commission them for css?

    • My mate is truely wonderful

    • Salt and pilot are gay grand dads

    • all coogies r good,... but him,.. hes a peepee

      also piolt cookie is.. a graddad am i right...

    • muscle cookie scary,,... am i right...

    • good choice, i like them a lot too, but i go more for the goblin that is pancake... hes just.... so cute...

    • is that his name? oof i cant remeber

    • adding u !!
      my username is the same as my fv name :3

      is pepermint ur fav?

    • i see cookie run :eyes:
      whats ur code if u dont mide me asking :o

    • *nods eagerly and bumps your nose with hers before scurrying off to stash it away somewhere safe*

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