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User ID: #28760
Username: Moxxy
Gender: Male
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:44 pm

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Toyhou.se || Webcomic
CSS by myself!


Rarely seen in the wild, the unusual redheaded Moxxy is most often sighted spending its time in its burrow, whittling away at short sticks of graphite as it attempts to catalog years of fiction in the form of intricately realized diagrams.

I'm really bad at messaging people back in a timely fashion, I'm so sorry. I promise you haven't done anything wrong, I'm just flaky a/f about correspondence
also - im like, never on this hellsite anymore so that doesnt help much either lol

what severe weakness for wickerbeasts, i dont see any of that,

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    • Thank you for the Resize! I'll make it a Paintie soon!!!

    • Ooo ok! Thanks for the consideration =w=

    • aaaa would u ever consider trading waiver for art or fc?

    • *pops head in quickly* Well your best in excellent! *pops back out*

    • Love the profile~ So Pretty! In fact...here have some candy!! *runs away quickly*

    • Thank you for the lanterns!

    • Thank you so much! Also, I love your profile ^^

    • Thank you so much! <3

    • Ahh, that's fine. Unless it's stated in bio, I tend to go ahead with it.

    • msjanny omg, thank you!! ;v; I'm glad you like it!
      A bump would be fine! I'm just lazy and it tends to get little traction here since it's humanoid stuff.
      (also holy cow, kudos on the tumblr theme! that had me doing quite the double-take, geez)

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