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User ID: #31492
Username: Lighthawke
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Sep 2020, 6:34 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 10:04 pm

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    • Well here are the ones I like, you can decide who to sell (sorry I don’t know which pet is which on your list; * = fave):

      Sunset Cloud Manta (pref M)
      Sunset Cloud Python*** (pref M)
      White Cloud Scorpion* (pref M)
      Sunset Cloud Wolf (no pref)
      Leopard Gecko (pref M)
      Gargoyle Gecko (pref F)
      Giant Day Gecko (no pref)
      Stellar Hoyalty (no pref)
      Purple Mandarinfish (no pref)
      Fire Nudibranch (pref M)
      Spotted Nudibranch (no pref)
      Lava Nudibranch (pref M)
      Plain Pet Pine Cone (pref F)
      Grey Pet Rock (pref M)
      Rainbow Ray (no pref)
      Brown Ray (no pref)
      Lemon Ice Sharkcicle (pref F)
      Deep Blue Berry Sharkcicle (pref M)
      Orange Creme Sharkcicle (pref M)
      Watermelon Deluxe Sharkcicle (no pref)
      Lava Sharky (pref M)
      Blue Shellhowl (pref M)
      White Shellhowl (pref M)
      Cream Shellhowl (pref M)
      Dirty Snow Owl (pref M)
      Pink Sphinx Cat (no pref)
      Brown Wuff (pref M)
      Red Wuff (no pref)

    • Uh, yeah I suppose =D only if they interest me though! Which ones are up for sale?

    • Thank you for the sheepie in the Giving Tree!

    • how do you breed 2 pets in my stable ;-;

    • ooo it's so cute!!! yes!

    • i will think about the octopus :O
      and breed the FD pets!! i will buy them from u <3

    • omg i want all the new ones that came out x.x

    • awesome!!! <3

    • they will be on sale! or i can breed mine :O

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