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User ID: #32734
Username: snailcore
Last Online: 19 Feb 2020, 6:51 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 1:25 am

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tumblr_m51bvon0Oc1qid2nw.gif tumblr_m51bvon0Oc1qid2nw.gif

day7o6y-6135b29b-70f5-498e-8ec5-28063b05 glow_in_the_dark_by_glittersludge-day6ey cassette_by_glittersludge-dayo96j.png hire_me_fire_me_by_molly_stamps-da0o1xs.

✧ leanna/snail | 29 | ♎ | they/she | a colorful cryptid ✧

heyy there, i joined back in beta and i just sorta forgot about this place until recently, but now i'm back!

about | twitter | tumblr | deviantart | toyhouse

day6glz-6f13975b-074e-4fe3-a99b-be2d501b lightning_by_glittersludge-dayju0d.png day8ud7-2e1556d1-2dfb-4fa6-bce0-bde9eb07 rainbow_by_glittersludge-day6au4.png

tumblr_m51bvon0Oc1qid2nw.gif tumblr_m51bvon0Oc1qid2nw.gif

Villagers 25

Comments 17

    • I just wanted to pop by and say I love your dancing beanie baby gif

    • N O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O


    • Thanks for the stickers at the giving tree! :3

    • eyyy thank you for the magic sticker <3

    • Psssst, I sent you that poodle, I'm happy to see it go on your poodle

    • Your profile looks so cute ! I love your villagers as well ^^

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