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User ID: #34227
Username: Amrie
Gender: Female
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 6:16 am

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22 - Female - New Zealand

I'm not a furry, I just enjoy browser games like this!
I also play Flight Rising! I'm Amrie #60075!

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    • thank you!! <3

    • Thank you anon, I really appreciate it <3

    • It even has two sockets ya lucky bee

    • Thank you anon gifter, whoever you may be <3

    • No worries! Thanks so much :-)

    • Thank you v much, I appreciate it! o/

    • Thank you for the purchases!!

    • That works. ^_^

    • My construction worker now builds 500 durability herbal pots. I have 28 I could sell but I had to buy a lot of the slabs for them since my explorers suck lol. I would want more for them (5k minimum since slabs are so expensive)

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