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User ID: #36692
Username: Valice
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 1:28 pm

Profile description

Please no random friend requests, I only friend those who I interact with!

Valice is my character & OC
They are my persona, please do not steal my art! It is owned by me!
Thank you.


Personality: A trickster who enjoys a good prank. Even though they are mischievous they are kind at heart and know when they have done wrong. When faced with a problem they try to make it up and right what was wrong.

Age: 21
Birthday: October 17th

Species: Fire Main

Lion Art Done by @Prince-Faolon

hot.gifOnline times Furvilla Timehot.gif

hot.gif: Off Days :hot.gif

hot.gif : Work Days :hot.gif
11PM-1PM - 10PM-1AM
(Sometimes in between on my breaks)

hot.gif : Occasionally :hot.gif


Thank you for understanding!

I am on Aywas as Valice & Fenris, FR as AmaimonEarthKing, and several other websites under similar usernames.
Don't be afraid to ask me anything!




I share my account with my brother (He does commissions)

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    • Awh thanks! JR's are not my species actually; the species was created by Simonetry and I'm just lucky enough to own one. n_n But I hope you are able to get a Jolle someday!

    • aah thank you so much, it always means a lot to me to hear that !! ;w;

    • Oh, okay, sorry, lol ^...^'
      There is the limit of 100 to how many you can buy, but the extra ways of getting them don't count towards that 100, so you can tech. still buy 13 more, I believe. ^...^'

    • Send too much? o..o?
      (you currently have 53 entries, including the ones for filling out the form just now~)

    • Yay, October birthdays! *hi fives*

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! <3

    • Ah it's fine haha! And it's no problem. I hope you enjoy your faries <3

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