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User ID: #36692
Username: Valice
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 1:28 pm

Profile description

Please no random friend requests, I only friend those who I interact with!

Valice is my character & OC
They are my persona, please do not steal my art! It is owned by me!
Thank you.


Personality: A trickster who enjoys a good prank. Even though they are mischievous they are kind at heart and know when they have done wrong. When faced with a problem they try to make it up and right what was wrong.

Age: 21
Birthday: October 17th

Species: Fire Main

Lion Art Done by @Prince-Faolon

hot.gifOnline times Furvilla Timehot.gif

hot.gif: Off Days :hot.gif

hot.gif : Work Days :hot.gif
11PM-1PM - 10PM-1AM
(Sometimes in between on my breaks)

hot.gif : Occasionally :hot.gif


Thank you for understanding!

I am on Aywas as Valice & Fenris, FR as AmaimonEarthKing, and several other websites under similar usernames.
Don't be afraid to ask me anything!




I share my account with my brother (He does commissions)

Villagers 16

Comments 86

    • I agree, it definitely has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see it blossom. What completionist goals are you going for right now? I'm trying to get a complete collection of site animals. It's...going ok XD

    • Oh wow that's so nice of you to say! And holy crap that's horrible, I hope you were able to sort out your identification and such at least without too much hassle. I know when my friends get their wallets stolen the most expensive part isn't the cash in the wallet but paying a couple hundred to replace all of their ids. Eeep, I'm glad you think so thank you. I'm one of those people who loves completionist type stuff, so I've been having a ton of fun advancing in this game. Once beta is over (and maybe a bit before because I haven't even seen an estimate of how long beta will be anywhere) I'll be opening up a commission shop on here so maybe I'll advance even more! Oh my gosh that's so sweet of you to offer OwO I'm totally broke on aywas since I've been tunnel visioning furvilla since it opened haha, but I may take you up on that at some point <3

      P.S. Sir Pounce Alot is officially my favorite name

    • Ahhh hello Valice, so nice to see you on here as well! Can't wait to see what you do with your villagers, your lair on aywas is totally my aesthetic (and I'm jealous of 100% of the babies you get from breedings lol).

    • I am! :D It's so cute and the art is amazing and ahhhhh it's wonderful here. <3

    • Heeeey :D I'm well thanks for asking! Yourself? <3

    • My guess is for the same reason as FR, as a status symbol? Idk but it was a really good snag!

    • I did too, but honestly STEVEN is a really cool un and I kinda hope she keeps it lmaoo

    • Nine joined back in 2011, man that doesn't seem that long ago. That's insane. xD
      She wonders if she'll be on here for that long too.

    • Partly the reason why Nine is also stuck on aywas. xD
      Spent too much money, make too much money. And of course, the wonderful people Nine has met there she wouldn't want to leave.
      Nine is sure once the furvilla hype dies down and aywas gets it crap together as well, things will return back to how they usually are. Or atleast mostly!

    • Sure thing! ;v;
      Nine is still very lost when it comes to furvilla. So she may just be here for the sake of selling designs. She's never been very good at actually playing games. xD

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