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User ID: #46502
Username: cywscross
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 5:01 pm

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RE7G6u5.png PjnzZT5.png
V2CJHOD.png PToS67w.png


Rare Pet Tracker

~ The Supers ~

113-green-serpent.png 393-black-serpent.png 384-tiger-kirin.png 385-fawn-kirin.png 386-emerald-kirin.png 348-white-peep.png 349-spotted-peep.png 432-black-witchy.png 433-autumn-witchy.png 308-brown-sharkitty.png 309-appaloosa-sharkitty.png 404-brown-catbat.png 405-striped-catbat.png 465-summer-monkee.png 466-blue-monkee.png 337-orange-draggy.png 293-skeletal-orca.png 294-spotted-orca.png 197-beluga-whale.png 477-orca-whale.png

Green Serpent Mx0 | Fx6
Black Serpent Mx2 | Fx4
Tiger Kirin Mx0 | Fx2
Fawn Kirin Mx1 | Fx5
Emerald Kirin Mx2 | Fx3
White Peep Mx0 | Fx2
Spotted Peep Mx3 | Fx5
Black Witchy Mx0 | Fx3
Autumn Witchy Mx2 | Fx3
Brown Sharkitty Mx0 | Fx2
Appaloosa Sharkitty Mx0 | Fx6
Brown Catbat Mx0 | Fx3
Striped Catbat Mx0 | Fx3
Summer Monkee Mx4 | Fx5
Blue Monkee Mx0 | Fx1
Orange Draggy Mx3 | Fx6
Skeletal Orca Mx0 | Fx4
Spotted Orca Mx0 | Fx1
Beluga Whale Mx0 | Fx4
Orca Whale Mx1 | Fx1

~ From the Glorified Pet Shop ~

633-arctic-kitsune.png 634-silver-kitsune.png 635-red-kitsune.png 637-normal-ball-python.png 638-black-pastel-ball-python.png 273-leucistic-ball-python.png 263-pink-lung-dragon.png 614-green-lung-dragon.png 616-brown-lung-dragon.png 267-spring-seedling.png 618-summer-seedling.png 619-fall-seedling.png 621-tabby-flitten.png 622-calico-flitten.png 623-siamese-flitten.png 615-gold-lung-dragon.png 1146-gold-fennec-fox.png 1579-green-fly-trap.png 1575-lion-sphinx.png 1576-sand-sphinx.png 1792-soot-firecat.png 1788-black-wyvern.png 1784-brown-squirrel.png 1833-siamese-gaiacat.png 1834-gray-tabby-gaiacat.png 2093-squall-thundercat.png 2256-shadow-aerkit.png 2264-gray-pawsum.png 2299-brown-armaburlo.png 2304-night-sky-draorse.png 2305-sea-glass-draorse.png 2487-white-face-gray-cockatiel.png 2696-amethyst-bauble-crab.png 2748-bengal-grreal.png 2860-cinnamon-flutter-bandit.png 2861-tiger-flutter-bandit.png 2856-topaz-felilidae.png 2908-jasper-carat-cat.png 2964-arctic-space-lobster.png

Arctic Kitsune Mx0 | Fx0
Silver Kitsune Mx1 | Fx10
Red Kitsune Mx1 | Fx2
Normal Ball Python Mx0 | Fx0
Black Pastel Ball Python Mx1 | Fx9
Leucistic Ball Python Mx2 | Fx3
Pink Lung Dragon Mx0 | Fx1
Green Lung Dragon Mx2 | Fx4
Brown Lung Dragon Mx3 | Fx0
Spring Seedling Mx0 | Fx0
Summer Seedling Mx2 | Fx9
Fall Seedling Mx1 | Fx1
Tabby Flitten Mx0 | Fx1
Calico Flitten Mx1 | Fx6
Siamese Flitten Mx2 | Fx3
Gold Lung Dragon Mx0 | Fx1
Gold Fennec Fox Mx5 | Fx7
Green Fly Trap Mx1 | Fx1
Lion Sphinx Mx5 | Fx11
Sand Sphinx Mx0 | Fx1
Soot Firecat Mx1 | Fx2
Black Wyvern Mx1 | Fx1
Brown Squirrel Mx1 | Fx1
Siamese Gaiacat Mx2 | Fx0
Gray Tabby Gaiacat Mx1 | Fx0
Squall Thundercat Mx1 | Fx1
Shadow Aerkit Mx1 | Fx1
Gray Pawsum Mx1 | Fx1
Brown Armaburlo Mx2 | Fx2
Night Sky Draorse Mx2 | Fx2
Sea Glass Draorse Mx0 | Fx1
White Face Gray Cockatiel Mx2 | Fx2
Amethyst Bauble Crab Mx2 | Fx2
Bengal Grreal Mx2 | Fx2
Cinnamon Flutter Bandit Mx2 | Fx2
Tiger Flutter Bandit Mx1 | Fx0
Topaz Felilidae Mx2 | Fx2
Jasper Carat Cat Mx2 | Fx2
Arctic Space Lobster Mx0 | Fx1

~ The Referral Buddies ~

279-dutch-guinea-pig.png 630-tortie-guinea-pig.png 631-cream-guinea-pig.png 606-fire-axolotl.png 607-ocean-axolotl.png 608-multilegged-axolotl.png 609-red-throated-hummingbird.png 610-blue-throated-hummingbird.png 601-spotted-angelfish.png 602-pink-angelfish.png 625-white-tiger-cub.png 626-snow-leopard-cub.png 627-tiger-cub.png

Dutch Guinea Pig Mx0 | Fx0
Tortie Guinea Pig Mx3 | Fx3
Cream Guinea Pig Mx3 | Fx4
Fire Axolotl Mx1 | Fx5
Ocean Axolotl Mx1 | Fx3
Multilegged Axolotl Mx0 | Fx2
Red Throated Hummingbird Mx0 | Fx5
Blue Throated Hummingbird Mx3 | Fx3
Spotted Angelfish Mx0 | Fx1
Pink Angelfish Mx1 | Fx2
White Tiger Cub Mx0 | Fx0
Snow Leopard Cub Mx3 | Fx2
Tiger Cub Mx0 | Fx1

~ Contest/Limited Pets ~

722-tan-chihuahua.png 723-brown-chihuahua.png 714-brown-spiny-mouse.png 715-black-spiny-mouse.png 716-marbled-spiny-mouse.png 718-pink-sphinx-cat.png 719-tabby-sphinx-cat.png 1134-security-beta-bug.png 2090-strawberry-two-scoop-sloth.png 2091-spumoni-two-scoop-sloth.png 504-banana-split-two-scoop-sloth.png 2244-blue-beary.png 2245-black-beary.png 2246-red-raz-beary.png 2293-watermelon-deluxe-sharkcicle.png 2484-classic-wiener-pup.png 2485-fancy-wiener-pup.png 2712-blueberry-pancake-of-the-sea.png 2713-chocolate-pancake-of-the-sea.png 2736-butterscotch-gummi-yummi-otter.png 2738-hallows-eve-gummi-yummi-otter.png 2737-galactic-gummi-yummi-otter.png 2853-ebi-red-panda-roll.png 2854-crunchy-red-panda-roll.png 2855-deluxe-red-panda-roll.png 2901-confetti-sprinkle-squookie.png

Tan Chihuahua Mx0 | Fx4
Brown Chihuahua Mx6 | Fx6
Brown Spiny Mouse Mx5 | Fx4
Black Spiny Mouse Mx2 | Fx4
Marbled Spiny Mouse Mx0 | Fx2
Pink Sphinx Cat Mx3 | Fx2
Tabby Sphinx Cat Mx0 | Fx4
Security Beta Bug Mx7 | Fx8
Strawberry Two Scoop Sloth Mx0 | Fx2
Spumoni Two Scoop Sloth Mx0 | Fx1
Banana Split Two Scoop Sloth Mx0 | Fx1
Blue Beary Mx0 | Fx3
Black Beary Mx0 | Fx7
Red Raz Beary Mx2 | Fx0
Watermelon Deluxe Sharkcicle Mx0 | Fx0
Classic Wiener Pup Mx0 | Fx1
Fancy Wiener Pup Mx0 | Fx1
Blueberry Pancake of the Sea Mx0 | Fx1
Chocolate Pancake of the Sea Mx1 | Fx0
Butterscotch Gummi Yummi Otter Mx2 | Fx0
Hallow's Eve Gummi Yummi Otter Mx2 | Fx0
Galactic Gummi Yummi Otter Mx1 | Fx0
Ebi Red Panda Roll Mx2 | Fx0
Crunchy Red Panda Roll Mx0 | Fx2
Deluxe Red Panda Roll Mx2 | Fx1
Confetti Sprinkle Squookie Mx2 | Fx0

~ Festival Pets ~

1447-white-snowbunny.png 328-dirty-snowbunny.png 1451-white-snowfox.png 1452-dirty-snowfox.png 1682-common-feathered-serpent.png 2233-striped-pet-rock.png 2240-spotted-english-pointer.png 2236-golden-leoclaw.png

White Snowbunny Mx0 | Fx0
Dirty Snowbunny Mx4 | Fx0
White Snowfox Mx2 | Fx2
Dirty Snowfox Mx3 | Fx0
Common Feathered Serpent Mx2 | Fx1
Striped Pet Rock Mx1 | Fx1
Spotted English Pointer Mx1 | Fx1
Golden Leoclaw Mx1 | Fx1

~ Seasonal Pets ~

1854-yellow-ladybird.png 1855-jade-ladybird.png 1850-yellow-buzz.png 1851-green-buzz.png 1852-angelic-buzz.png

Yellow Ladybird Mx1 | Fx1
Jade Ladybird Mx1 | Fx1
Yellow Buzz Mx1 | Fx1
Green Buzz Mx1 | Fx1
Angelic Buzz Mx0 | Fx1

~ Our Colourful Dudes and Dudettes ~

- Dragonsmaw Manor -

401-brown-bat.png 402-purple-bat.png 413-brown-owly.png 414-spotted-owly.png 421-brown-spider.png 422-red-spider.png 425-fire-spirit.png 437-red-wuff.png 438-brown-wuff.png 417-gray-pumpkitty.png 139-apple-pumpkitty.png 409-pumpkin-kritty.png 150-skeletal-wabbit.png 430-patchwork-wabbit.png 1542-white-vampbird.png 1538-brown-shadow.png 1539-enflamed-shadow.png

Brown Bat Mx0 | Fx3
Purple Bat Mx1 | Fx4
Brown Owly Mx0 | Fx0
Spotted Owly Mx2 | Fx3
Brown Spider Mx0 | Fx2
Red Spider Mx0 | Fx1
Fire Spirit Mx2 | Fx2
Red Wuff Mx1 | Fx1
Brown Wuff Mx0 | Fx7
Gray Pumpkitty Mx5 | Fx5
Apple Pumpkitty Mx0 | Fx1
Pumpkin Kritty Mx1 | Fx3
Spider Kritty Mx0 | Fx1
Skeletal Wabbit Mx3 | Fx3
Patchwork Wabbit Mx0 | Fx1
White Vampbird Mx1 | Fx2
Brown Shadow Mx1 | Fx2
Enflamed Shadow Mx0 | Fx4


- Oceandome -

297-striped-pearl.png 298-midnight-pearl.png285-gold-trim-meshy.png 286-golden-meshy.png 281-red-jelly.png 3-black-jelly.png 289-purple-octi.png 290-red-octi.png 301-brown-ray.png 302-opal-ray.png 305-brown-seahorse.png 313-black-sharky.png 317-green-turty.png 340-white-spotted-seapony.png 1535-green-seapony.png 1530-spotted-nudibranch.png
2654-pink-sandhopper.png 2655-brown-sandhopper.png 2650-purple-mandarinfish.png 2651-green-mandarinfish.png

Striped Pearl Mx1 | Fx4
Midnight Pearl Mx3 | Fx2
Gold Trim Meshy Mx1 | Fx4
Golden Meshy Mx2 | Fx1
Red Jelly Mx1 | Fx2
Black Jelly Mx1 | Fx0
Purple Octi Mx0 | Fx2
Red Octi Mx1 | Fx0
Brown Ray Mx3 | Fx2
Opal Ray Mx2 | Fx2
Brown Seahorse Mx2 | Fx8
Black Sharky Mx1 | Fx8
Green Turty Mx1 | Fx0
White Spotted Seapony Mx2 | Fx6
Green Seapony Mx3 | Fx0
Spotted Nudibranch Mx2 | Fx2
Pink Sandhopper Mx0 | Fx4
Brown Sandhopper Mx1 | Fx2
Purple Mandarinfish Mx0 | Fx4
Green Mandarinfish Mx1 | Fx0


- Olde Foxbury -

377-brown-griff.png 378-red-griff.png 366-silver-chest.png 373-silver-fairy.png 374-gold-fairy.png 389-silver-manti.png 390-black-manti.png 391-demon-manti.png 381-blue-hydra.png 361-brown-basilisk.png 362-rooster-basilisk.png 369-blue-drax.png 370-purple-drax.png 397-appaloosa-uni.png 398-stardust-uni.png

Brown Griff Mx2 | Fx2
Red Griff Mx1 | Fx2
Silver Chest Mx2 | Fx0
Silver Fairy Mx1 | Fx4
Gold Fairy Mx4 | Fx3
Silver Manti Mx1 | Fx6
Black Manti Mx2 | Fx1
Demon Manti Mx1 | Fx0
Blue Hydra Mx5 | Fx9
Green Hydra Mx1 | Fx1
Brown Basilisk Mx0 | Fx9
Rooster Basilisk Mx1 | Fx0
Blue Drax Mx2 | Fx2
Purple Drax Mx2 | Fx3
Appaloosa Uni Mx1 | Fx3
Stardust Uni Mx3 | Fx4


- Quetzal Palace -

325-moon-butterfly.png 326-rainbow-butterfly.png 327-dual-winged-butterfly.png 42-red-breasted-birb.png 322-emerald-birb.png 357-kitsune-bun.png 358-forest-bun.png 359-horned-bun.png 62-red-hippo.png 329-stormy-cloudog.png 330-dawn-cloudog.png 331-rainbow-cloudog.png 333-emerald-croc.png 345-cheetah-flion.png 353-spotted-pengu.png 1556-blue-flishy.png

Moon Butterfly Mx1 | Fx4
Rainbow Butterfly Mx3 | Fx3
Red Breasted Birb Mx2 | Fx6
Emerald Birb Mx3 | Fx1
Kitsune Bun Mx1 | Fx1
Forest Bun Mx3 | Fx4
Horned Bun Mx2 | Fx0
Red Hippo Mx1 | Fx1
Stormy Cloudog Mx0 | Fx2
Dawn Cloudog Mx2 | Fx6
Rainbow Cloudog Mx3 | Fx0
Emerald Croc Mx2 | Fx2
Cheetah Flion Mx3 | Fx1
Spotted Pengu Mx1 | Fx3
Blue Flishy Mx2 | Fx4


- Tigereye Peak -

453-husky-doge.png 457-summer-ferret.png 179-aurora-ferret.png 469-emperor-ping.png 470-aurora-ping.png 461-summer-hare.png 462-frosty-hare.png 463-night-hare.png 449-black-chirp.png 450-orange-chirp.png 441-summer-arcty.png 442-red-arcty.png 445-black-burr.png 473-summer-seal.png 1560-brown-faced-pika.png

Husky Doge Mx1 | Fx1
Summer Ferret Mx1 | Fx3
Aurora Ferret Mx3 | Fx3
Emperor Ping Mx1 | Fx8
Aurora Ping Mx1 | Fx0
Summer Hare Mx1 | Fx0
Frosty Hare Mx3 | Fx4
Night Hare Mx0 | Fx2
Black Chirp Mx1 | Fx0
Orange Chirp Mx1 | Fx5
Summer Arcty Mx1 | Fx2
Red Arcty Mx1 | Fx0
Black Burr Mx2 | Fx3
Summer Seal Mx2 | Fx2
Brown Faced Pika Mx3 | Fx3

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    • omg!! hi hello you're like?? one of my favorite fanfic authors- and probably my #1 fave bleach author ever tbh;;;;; i was rereading a ton of your fics recently but for some reason i didnt make the connection until i saw ur ao3 icon and went '...wait is that a gembound?' lol

      anyway i just want you to know that i love ur stuff 10/10 keep up the good work!!

    • sorry for the random question, but would you happen to be cywscross on ao3? or do you just share the same username?

    • Thanks for the trade ^_^

    • Thank you for dropping some July 2017 pets in the giving tree! :3

    • Aaah thank you so much, it really means a lot!

    • thank you so much for the potions, you're so sweet ;v;

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Opps sorry!Wrong person,but thanks for the wood! :3

    • But you have 7009 stone slabs and like 600 other types in your gallery!

    • Thanks for the Dragon!! ;;; I thought i'd ask if you wanted the female in return, but, based on the amount of minipets you have, I assume you don't need it?

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