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User ID: #53192
Username: glitteryskyez
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 26 Oct 2019, 10:21 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:22 pm

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Nathan/Nate/Dave/Dabe | Beta Player | Dave / Davesprite / Peridot / Lapis / Amethyst | 14 | 10.31.02 / Panromantic | Genderfluid/Transmale | He/Him/They/Them

Me: i need to live in a trashcan
MirrorDust: i am a trashcan
MirrorDust LIVE IN ME

mirror is just amazing they are a good


~ CSS Status + Credits! ~

Credits to @Mephisto for helping me with CSS! And credits to msjanny for helping me with the shiny mega Charizard!

If my CSS bothers you or if you see any bugs, please tell me and i'll do my best to fix it! My CSS is still a WIP so this is fine!!

CSS template found here!: http://seasquams.tumblr.com/tagged/squamcode

If I do not respond instantly I am either: on a different device and didn't notice, at school, asleep, or focused on a drawing. I am very sorry if this happens to you. :c

Please don't think you hecked up if i don't respond to messages i either didn't get notified (or i deleted the notif on accident) or i'm just suuuuper oblivious, i'm sorry! (this goes for discord and other things as well)

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    • joybare YES


    • aaa the thing is i have no idea what to talk about ;w; (casual ping becasue i don't know how you will get notified aaa @Mephisto)

    • xXx Yep, that's me! :>
      We can talk about anything you want, friend.

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