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Username: 29931
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Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 7:36 pm

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    • I'm sorry you're leaving D:
      You're kind of right. :( FV doesn't have the most welcoming communit because most people don't even say hi to newbies and it's hard to make real friends.

    • I love your signature omg
      Also, this CSS looks so cool! *0*

    • Your signature kills me (with laughter) every time i see it

    • I love your avatar! Who made it?

    • ahh your css,, so pretty~

    • Oh lord I was wondering when I would get this question on one of my accounts. So uhhh. You ever hear of an anime called Naruto?
      Long story short, I was absolute naruto TRASH when I was a kid, and one of my favorite creators in the fandom was on youtube and Deviantart called Aug325. They made a lot of KakuzuxHidan stuff, and so yeah, I combined the two. Basically my 8 year old weeb self made a DA, that was the username and because I'm absolutely terrible at remembering usernames I've used it for just about everything else. ever sense.

    • thank you so much!!! youre the first person to actually notice haha!

    • Your profile picture

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